So I’ve been following FaceRig, the app that lets you create your own 3D avatar in real time using a webcam. It’s a nifty software, and it has been recently added to the softwares that you could buy at Steam even though it still is at beta phase.


In layman’s term, FaceRig is a software that allows any one with a webcam and a capable PC to be virtually projected in a 3D environment with the help of an avatar. It could be then outputted as a video, or could be streamed at Skype, Twitch, or any services that supports the use of webcams.


It allows your facial animations to be transmitted to your avatar of choice, be it a racoon, a dog (doge, lol), an anime character, or even create your own if you know how to play with 3D models. Check out the video below:

FaceRig is now available at Steam and is currently priced at 10 USD as a pre-purchase.  Go get it HERE.