It’s a regular topic of discussion but the focus on apps and their gaming options are a clear reflection of the genre’s popularity. From the most basic and historic of card games right through to versions of high profile eSports titles, there isn’t a better way to pass downtime, whether on the train, waiting in a queue or to just pass some idle moments at home.

Because of the backing available from sponsors and advertisers, many of these games are free but which are the best?

Into Battle

Many current titles offer players a chance to build a civilisation while others have an element of strategy attached but very few combine the best of both worlds. There are, however, some rare exceptions and many feel that the best of these is the Battle of Polytopia.

In the initial stages of the game, players are in control of a single command unit and the enemy is about to make themselves known. The theme of limited resources is common throughout the title as players make use of crude weapons to succeed. Strategy is the key to winning and it’s helped to make Battle of Polytopia a big hit.

It’s unusual for a game of this complexity to be free and that’s part of the appeal behind the Battle of Polytopia. It’s popular on PC but there is no loss of functionality when playing via app on iOS or Android.

Step up for a Spin

Casual observers may feel that online casino games will need financial outlay in order to play them but this isn’t necessarily the case. With card games and table games such as roulette, it’s perfectly possible to identify free trial versions and the same applies with slots.

Gaming Slot Machine GP 1

A spin of the wheels provides ideal entertainment and there are free titles available to match all preferences. From classic slot games with nostalgic fruit symbols through to more complex releases with bonus rounds, they can all be played via an app. The majority of online casinos offer free slots via iOS and Android but how do you choose from many thousands of titles?

All slots listed at are reviewed extensively and there are free trial versions subject to age verification. All of the information contained here combines to provide a useful ally for all slot players, whether they are experienced gamers or new to the reels.

On the Cards

Many of the best mobile titles are those that keep it simple and that’s why most releases relate to classic card games that have been played for centuries. Many of these like to keep it simple and some of the best versions of solitaire have been released by the producers at Mobilityware.

From those elementary titles, players could step up to take on rummy and cribbage with releases available from the Wildcard stable. From these elementary starting points, games can become far more complex and Star Realms is, perhaps, the best example of this.

A deck building game, Star Realms combines a fantasy element and some complex features to become a big hit across all app platforms.

A Question of Sport

Sport-themed app games will always attract a wide audience and these titles are evolving to keep pace with trends in the physical world. Cricket might be seen as a niche sport in many areas of the globe but it’s popular in certain areas and a new app shows how the digital world keeps pace with traditional pastimes.

Known as Cricket LBW Umpire’s Call, it’s a release from Impact Unified and is based on new technology which is used to evaluate key decisions.

Elsewhere, a number of titles focus on the most exciting aspect of any football game – the penalty kick. Among the best of these is Perfect Kick while Final Kick and Quick Kick Brazil also have strong followings.

For golf lovers, we should defer to the respected publication Golf Monthly who list the V Par app and the Tag Heuer app as the best of the free apps around. These aren’t replica games but, instead, they are designed to improve the way you play when out on the course.

App gaming shouldn’t be costly and the titles here are among the best free apps available for iOS, Android or, in most cases, both platforms.

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