G.SKILL has unveiled the Zeta R5 Neo Series overclocked DDR5 R-DIMM memory kits. These are designed specifically for the latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper and Threadripper Pro 7000 WX-series processors, along with the AMD TRX50 chipset motherboards.

This marks a significant development as it is AMD’s first R-DIMM platform officially endorsing memory overclocking. The Zeta R5 Neo boasts AMD EXPO memory overclocking profiles, simplifying the overclocking process. Crafted with meticulously screened ICs, the memory kits will debut in DDR5-6400 CL32 configurations of 16 GB x4 and 32 GB x4. Positioned as an ideal R-DIMM memory solution, the Zeta R5 Neo Series caters to those looking to construct a high-performance overclocked AMD workstation.

g skill announces zeta r5 neo ddr5 6400 memory 2

In alignment with the introduction of the AMD TRX50 workstation platform that supports DDR5 R-DIMM overclocking, G.SKILL is introducing AMD EXPO memory overclocking profile support to its R-DIMM memory lineup through the Zeta R5 Neo series. The memory kits will be available in quad-channel configurations of DDR5-6400 CL32-39-39-102, offering options of 64 GB (16 GB x4) and 128 GB (32 GB x4).

The G.SKILL Zeta R5 Neo series, featuring overclocked performance DDR5 R-DIMM memory kits, supports the latest AMD EXPO memory overclocking profile, streamlining the overclocking process through the motherboard BIOS. These memory kits are set to be available through G.SKILL’s global distribution partners, with the rollout commencing from November 2023.

For more details, interested individuals can refer to the G.SKILL product pages at https://www.gskill.com/products/1/400/409/Zeta-R5-Neo-AMD-EXPO.

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