Many brands showed their own style at COMPUTEX, with GAMDIAS showed their own through Greek styling and names. This year, their booth came with a Greek temple to present the spirit of GAMDIAS, the god of gaming.

The creative temple-like booth has attracted visitors and guests all over the world to take a glimpse of the latest products. This year, GAMDIAS focused on PC components and brand new PC cases. That includes the ASTRAPE RGB PSUs and TALOS PC cases.


From 550w brown to 1200w platinum, GAMDIAS launched the full series of power supply and other corresponded components for gamers to choose and mod their own PC case easily.

Gamdias Computex 2018 Highlights (3)


The TALOS case series features the latest tempered glass technology. Gamers may open the case easily and smoothly to modify the interior. It comes with RGB lighting fans and includes full compatibility with liquid coolers and the latest power supplies. The switchable IO port allows users to swap the position of the IO port with the GAMDIAS logo plate.

Gamdias Computex 2018 Highlights (2)

CHIONE Liquid Cooler and AEOLUS Fans

Depending on the different sizes of PC cases, GAMDIAS offered gamers a slew of choices for the cooling components. The AEOLUS fans for example features a remote control for users to easily change the lighting effects and fans speed easily.

Gamdias Computex 2018 Highlights (4)

APHRODITE P1 Gaming Chair

The conceptual design of APHRODITE gaming chair features a race car inspired styling. It also featured PU leather, making the gaming chair more comfortable and capable for long-term gaming.

Gamdias Computex 2018 Highlights (1)

In 2018, GAMDIAS revealed the latest gaming gears and components. More information will be available in last-half of this year.

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