There’s a lot going on at GAMDIAS’ booth at COMPUTEX 2018. They have new line ups, especially cases and PSUs but there’s always that one thing we know about them – keyboards, and new ones at that.


First up on the list is the HERMES P3 low profile mechanical keyboard. It’s a fresh design compared to their older mechs we’ve tested. The low profile keys also helped to rejuvenate my excitement towards GAMDIAS’ products.

GAMDIAS Computex 2018 Keyboard (1)


The HERMES E2 is the compact contender from GAMDIAS. It sports a sleek profile while featuring a TKL layout. Perfect for cramped desk spaces and the requirements of gamers on the go. Kinda wished it had braided cables.

GAMDIAS Computex 2018 Keyboard (3)


The HERMES M3 is quite possibly, the most elegant gaming keyboard from GAMDIAS’ line-up at the moment. While I don’t like RGB at all, it perfectly fits this product’s design elements.

GAMDIAS Computex 2018 Keyboard (4)

The low profile keyboard sports Kailh’s low profile switches. Feedback is good and there’s nothing much to complain about it.


The GAMDIAS Hera is a graphical interface that ties up all of GAMDIAS’ gaming gears. There’s also a Hera smartphone app, which is perfect for customizing your experience even while in-game.

GAMDIAS Computex 2018 Keyboard (5)

Most of the GAMDIAS gaming keyboards at their booth sports 1000Hz polling rate, anti-ghosting capabilities and profiling. Learn more at GAMDIAS.

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