Patriot Gaming at Computex showcased a lot of storage devices from memory kits, thumb drives and SSDs. One particular model out of the bunch is the Viper VPR100 M.2 NVMe SSD.

Design and performance

The Viper VPR100 is a PCIe x4 SSD under the M.2 platform. It features a passive heatsink similar to the styling of their Viper Series memory kits. And oh, it got RGB lighting as well.

Patriot VPR100 P200 SSD Computex (1)

Under the pretty RGB LED lit shroud lies the 3450 MB/s read and 3000 MB/s write speed NVMe 1.5 spec interface. Speed is terrific and the lighting effect appears good enough for any builds. This wont fit on ultra slim notebooks though so you might want to check the clearance of your mobile device’s M.2 bay. Or better yet, consider the non-RGB Patriot VPN100 SSD. Basically the same drive but with practicality in mind.

The P200 high capacity SSD

Patriot also showcased their largest consumer 2.5″ SSD yet, the Patriot P200 SSD. This features the SMI 2258XT controller for the 1TB variant and the Maxio MAS0902A for the 2TB variant.

Patriot VPR100 P200 SSD Computex (2)

The SSD features global wear leveling, built-in thermal sensor and supports DEVSLP which is important for mobile devices such as Ultrabooks. Less power means more battery life.