GIGABYTE has partnered with NVIDIA to introduce cutting-edge RTX AI PCs, showcasing its expertise in artificial intelligence.

During his keynote at Computex 2024, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI, digital twins, and the evolution of personal computers into AI powerhouses. He addressed challenges like computational inflation and emphasized the efficiency of NVIDIA CUDA in accelerating specialized processors, projecting AI as a $100 trillion industry.

GIGABYTE’s Leadership in AI PCs

GIGABYTE’s close collaboration with NVIDIA has led to a comprehensive lineup of RTX AI PCs, solidifying its dominance in the AI PC market.

Each GIGABYTE AI laptop is outfitted with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs, featuring advanced technologies like ACE NIM, Ray Tracing, and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) via the GPU’s powerful Tensor Cores. These features ensure realistic visuals and superior AI learning capabilities, aligning with Jensen’s model-based approaches.

Advanced Digital Human Technology

GIGABYTE also supports NVIDIA ACE digital human technology, enabling digital humans to engage in natural language interactions and exhibit facial expressions. These digital humans can serve as brand ambassadors, AI customer service agents, and digital healthcare workers, enhancing personalized and efficient services.

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GIGABYTE’s AI laptops are designed for high-intensity graphic processing and various AI applications, catering to both gamers and creators, positioning GIGABYTE at the forefront of the AI revolution and the new era of generative AI applications.

Vision for the Future of AI PCs

Eddie Lin, CEO of GIGABYTE, remarked, “AI PCs are transitioning from cloud-based solutions to edge computing and are set to move from niche markets to mainstream adoption in the coming years. We have been working closely with top chip leaders to build a robust AI ecosystem with superior hardware and learning environments.” As generative AI applications expand across edge, cloud, and hybrid modes, they are set to become core technologies in the PC domain.

GIGABYTE’s long-term partnership with NVIDIA and exclusive AI Nexus technology ensure exceptional user experiences. Additionally, over 40% of GIGABYTE laptops now feature dedicated Copilot keys, enabling users to maximize the benefits and convenience of AI.

AI Solutions at Computex 2024

On the eve of Computex , GIGABYTE also unveiled new AI solutions, highlighting its innovative designs and comprehensive AI strategy. For more details about GIGABYTE’s AI advancements at Computex, visit GIGABYTE’s Computex 2024 microsite.

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