GIGABYTE is proud to announce yet another contest for their faithful users, and fans. This time, GIGABYTE is coordinating with to deliver a fast, secure, and up to date contest results. The contest is open to all Overclockers, worldwide, using any Intel Sandy Bridge based processors, and of course, any Socket 1155 GIGABYTE motherboards.

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The GIGABYTE ‘Locked ‘n’ Loaded’ Contest is open to all Overclockers using any Intel® Core™ Sandy Bridge processor on any GIGABYTE socket LGA 1155 motherboard using any cooling solution. To create a more even playing field, the GIGABYTE ‘Locked ‘n’ Loaded Contest’ requires all Sandy Bridge processors to be ‘Locked’ with a multiplier of 31x. So, even if you are running an Intel® Core™ i3 2100 at 3.1GHz, you can still compete for some awesome prizes. The contest winner will take home a GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD4 motherboard with second place taking a Z68XP-UD3P and third claiming a Z68XP-UD3. Good luck folks!

  • Stage 1: Maximum DDR3 Speed in CPUz
  • Stage 2: Fastest Super PI 32M

This contest will run for one month, from October 1st 2011 with final score submissions on October 31st. Note: In the event of a tied score, the maximum DDR3 speed will determine the winner.


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