The Facebook Marketplace and other similar marketplaces around the web are the best places to get your stuff disposed. While it’s easy enough to post your items on these places, it is not that easy to get them sold. Competition is usually fierce and if you’re not doing your best, chances are you’re missing out a lot of potential to sell your product. Be it old or even a new one.

On this guide, you’ll learn the basics of what makes up a good seller; piecing together the not so intricate puzzle that sets them apart from the crowd.

Get the details out

Getting the details out is paramount. Not only it provides information about the product, it also tells a story about you. How long have you been using the product? How about the mileage? Any issues? Let the buyer know everything right from the get go.

  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • Tell as much as possible without going overboard.
  • Consider keywords on your title and description.

Also consider keywords on your title and description. It helps your product get noticed and obtain desirable marketplace visibility. The location and mode of payment are also information that you should consider sharing. Remember that nothing beats a well structured product information along with an honest story.

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Take good and useful pictures

As much as possible, avoid using pictures from the official product page. That’s unless, you’re selling a new or a sealed unit. Still, prospective buyers are more interested to see the real deal so get the camera out to take good and useful pictures. Good and useful, because shallow depth of field and sharp angles does not help a lot on this area.

  • Take clear pictures of the product.
  • Make sure the item is presentable as much as possible.
  • Be creative but avoid unnecessary shots or clutter.

There are countless tips on how to take good product photos on the net even without a proper camera at bay. Pictures tell a story too about the product and don’t be ashamed if it is not in a good condition. Don’t even try beautifying the product, but clean it nonetheless. Again, honesty is the best policy. You don’t want your product biting your ass afterwards.

Guide How to Sell Stuff Marketplace 2

It also helps to use a single color background or text overlays at times just to get the attention required for your product.

Price your items accordingly

As a general rule, price your items slightly higher than your base price; taking the actual condition of the product and how old it is into account. Listing higher over your actual selling price is important if you’re expecting a negotiation.

  • List higher but don’t go overboard.
  • Consider your base price as your minimum.
  • Expect low ballers, but entertain nonetheless.

Listing higher and landing on your expected price based on the negotiation usually works. Expect low ballers but stand your ground. Still, it is best to entertain them since they took interest on your product. Building a relationship with prospective buyers should also be one of your goals.

Consider adding an extra

Everyone loves free stuff. Throw in an extra if possible and make sure that extra bundle complements the product. It doesn’t have to be another item, as a service should also count. That includes personal warranty or even repairs.

  • Consider something that complements the product.
  • It could be in the form of a service.
  • Enhance the value, not only the price.

Your feet on their shoes

Selling stuff whether for disposal or business is a task that requires patience, market knowledge and your ability to think as a consumer. Practice this as you look for the things you want to buy personally. Note the stuff you want to know first hand and how to improve the listings you see as you search the marketplace.

By putting your own feet on their shoes, you’d understand what you need to do as a seller.

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