Above-ground pools are a great addition to your home. They’re affordable, easier to maintain, and they’re faster to install than in-ground pools. With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that many people are opting for above-ground pools.

However, there will still be cleaning and maintenance involved. And while the task used to be tedious, technologies have already been developed to make pool-cleaning easier and more convenient.

Here are some hi-tech ways to clean your above-ground pool:

Robot pool cleaner

A pool cleaner works just like your regular household vacuum. Its function is to suck out and clean debris and other materials on your pool floor – making it extremely easy to clean. If you like convenience, above-ground robot pool cleaners are your best friend.

Above Ground Pool Cleaner GP 2

There are two types of pool cleaners, manual and automated. A manual vacuum means that a person is needed to move the vacuum around the swimming pool. It takes a lot of effort especially if your above-ground swimming pool is quite large.

An automated one needs minimal human interaction since it has its own drive mechanism to go around the pool. An above-ground robot pool cleaner can also handle all types of debris sizes, ranging from small to large debris and has a relatively simple installation procedure. This high-tech equipment is a must have not only for inground pools but for above-ground pools as well.

Water assessment kits

Water quality is an important factor in the maintenance of above-ground swimming pools. Although the water in pools is greatly affected by different factors like biological organisms present, chemicals, weather and how often it is used, it is very important that the quality is maintained. Kits are already available which makes assessment of the water quality easier. The most common properties tested are pH, alkalinity, chlorine and sanitizer levels. When water quality is not in optimal condition, cleaning and treating it with chemicals can be the solution.

Sanitizing System

In terms of getting rid of germs and other harmful microorganisms in pools, chlorine is usually added to do the trick. However, there are certain microorganisms that can survive even high levels of chlorine.

The excessive use of chlorines in swimming pools can also pose health side effects which may include rashes, eye and lung irritation, cough and even induce asthma. Highly chlorinated pool waters can also decrease the pH, making the water more acidic. This again can cause other health problems.

Cases like this warrant the use of high technology sanitizing systems. UltraViolet Ozone (UVO) sanitizing systems use short wavelength UV radiation to sanitize and kill chlorine resistant microorganisms. It promises to kill 99.9% of pathogens present in your swimming pools in a short amount of time. It has also been said to reduce staining since lesser chemicals are used to maintain the above-ground pools. It is fairly easy to install since it can be done in a day.

Using these high-tech devices can provide deep cleaning in your above-ground swimming pools so you can relax more.

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