Esports continues to boom across the planet, with estimated global revenue of $950 million in 2020. In the Philippines, the market was believed to be worth $24 million in the first half of 2019 and is still growing. So how easy it is for gamers to break into this area and make a rewarding new career for themselves?

Choose a Game and Start Playing

It is possible to get a foothold in the esports world by starting to play and becoming an expert in a certain game. For most people, the starting point is in choosing a game that is popular in competitive tournaments and that they can practice until they become an expert. You will also need decent-quality equipment like a gaming monitor and a premium gaming keyboard.

If you are best at shooter games then the likes of Call of Duty, Overwatch and Counter-Strike are all good choices. With the example of Call of Duty, this Activision title has sold over 300 million copies across several different titles on a variety of formats, so you will want to check which version is currently of most value to you in your attempt to break into esports.

Rainbow Six eSports League APAC GP 2

Other esports newcomers focus on multiplayer online battle arena games. This genre includes hugely popular titles such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. A look at the current number of online players will give you an idea of the popularity levels at any time. The latest figures for Dota 2 suggest that close to 11 million people play each month, while League of Legends reaches around 115 million every month.

Mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor are both now included in some esports competitions. Experience with other types of game will also help you to hone your skills, even if you don’t end up playing the games competitively. Everything that helps you to become a better, more focused gamer will be useful in your quest. If you decide to play for money then the Asiabet site explains the different ways of doing this. They confirm that players in the Philippines can try classic casino games and new slots on sites such as 1xBet and 22Bet, with most of the big-name casinos offering thousands of slots and a welcome bonus.

The Other Aspects of Becoming an Esports Champion

The current elite players train like athletes and concentrate on living a healthy lifestyle at all times. They need to be able to play for long periods at a time in a pressurised environment and also travel extensively to events. Studies have shown that the heart rate of gamers can reach up to 180 beats per minute as they play in big events. This is similar to the rate that most people reach when they are carrying out some sort of strenuous exercise.

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By training hard and staying in good shape, esports pros ensure that this rapid rise in their heart rate doesn’t cause them any problems. If you look at the top esports players these days, you will see that they are all physically fit.

Overall, it is best to look at this type of person as being a professional athlete. Top-level gaming isn’t just about sitting in a chair and playing in a relaxed way as though you were at home alone or with friends. You will need to put in the effort to get into top shape if you plan to forge a career in this area.

It also helps if you develop an eye-catching personality and get a reputation as a good team player. Going to local tournaments and finding a role model to base your progress upon is a solid starting point. You can show off your skills and personality on a streaming platform like Twitch, where a gamer with a lot of skills who also has an engaging personality can earn a lot of followers and start to make a mark in the industry.

Many of the top stars are parts of big, branded teams that require them to work together and stick to the team’s style and work ethic. Teamwork is even more important if you are going to be playing games where you need to all work together to defeat rivals, so you have to show that you are able to work with others for a common goal.

If you dream of playing games professionally, you will find more opportunities in the Philippines than ever before. Yet, it will still take a lot of hard work to reach the top of this sport and achieve the rewards that this brings with it.

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