Residents of the Big Apple this article is for you, this is especially true for those looking to have some wagering fun at online casinos! This article will go over gambling laws in New York, how to choose an excellent online casino, set up an online account, and tips for casino gaming. With that being said let’s dive further into our article.

The Legality of Casino Gambling in New York

Currently, only a few casinos are permitted to operate in the state of New York with many residents traveling to the state of New Jersey to scratch the gambling itch since they offer a slur of brick and mortar casinos over New York. Unfortunately, New York doesn’t legally allow online casinos to operate from their state. This leaves New York residents only 2 options for gambling needs, traveling to New Jersey for a full brick and mortar casino experience or using offshore online casinos sites for their gambling needs.

What is an Online Casino?

A virtual casino or an Internet casino are other names for the same thing: online casinos. With online casinos, players can access their favorite casino games and place bets from the comfort of their own homes or office. This kind of internet gaming is quite popular. In essence, online casinos are just like their brick and mortar counterparts except found online and usually boast of having much more games to choose from as well as better bonuses and promotions for players in exchange for the live exciting atmosphere found in a typical casino. Thankfully today many online casinos accept countless mobile users even with newer devices like the Samsung Galaxy A73 which has only recently made it to the market.

What is an Offshore Casino?

An offshore casino is just a casino that is situated outside of your country’s jurisdiction. Offshore casinos might really be the most secure alternative for internet gamblers, particularly if they reside in a nation with strict gambling legislation. This means you can have some online wagering fun without the worries of being prosecuted for a hobby that some figures might perceive as problematic.

Choosing A Good Online Casino

With so many online casinos to choose from things can seem tricky and nerve-racking. After all, there are quite a few details we must consider before choosing an online casino such as the payment methods offered, customer service options, bonuses, game variety and security just to name a few. Thankfully today we can find trusted and reliable reviews such as the top rated mobile casinos review where you can find all you need to know about online casinos offered to New Yorkers. We also recommend reading a few other casino reviews before picking one to wager on to ensure you have a smooth playing experience while saving time since of course you don’t have to research all the details yourself.

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Setting Up An Online Account

After you have chosen the online casino of choice it’s time to sign up!

Step 1 : Register an Account

After making your way to a casino site look for the Join Now/Register Here button. You should be then taken to a registration form. Fill in this form with all the details required, these will usually consist of First and Last name, email address, password, physical address, phone number, and your date of birth.

Step 2 : Make a Deposit

After registering and verifying your account you are going to want and need to deposit some funds into your account before heading to the gaming section to have some fun. Here you find a plateau of payment methods to choose from depending on the casino chosen. Choose your preferred payment method and the amount you want to deposit and in a matter of minutes, you should have money deposited in your account!

Step 3: Choose A Game and Play!

You’re finally set up to have some wagering fun! Choose a game of choice and head over to play whether slots, poker, blackjack, etc…

Wagering Tips For Newbies

Time for some wagering tips to keep your losses on the low and smiles in the highs.

Choose Skill Vs Luck Games

This tip will depend on the type of playing fun you are looking to have at an online casino. Skill games and Luck-based games will both have Lady luck involved in the game. The major difference between the two will be that skill games like poker don’t require only lady luck to win, and odds can be turned to your favor with skills such as bluffing even if your opponents had lady luck on their side. Luck Games are typically slot machines with no action to be taken to increase odds in your favor.

Make Sure The Online Casino Offers Great Device Compatibility

One of the first things to check before heading to an online casino is to make sure they offer great iOS & Android compatibility. We know New Yorkers are always on the go and rarely stop unless it’s for a coffee. That’s why it’s essential to make sure the site has great device compatibility.

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