Gone are the days when investigators used to hide behind a newspaper or use a magnifying lens to spy on people. In today’s era, conducting any kind of investigation has become a walk in the park-thanks to technologically advanced investigation gadgets.

This also means that as an investigator, you will only be as good as how equipped you are. With this being said, here is a list of important equipment that every investigator must have to make their work easier.

1. Device Cloning

Device cloning is a must-have for any serious investigator, whether a private or state investigator. Even if most of the best investigative Spyware is expensive and illegal in many states, they are still great alternatives for cloning someone’s phone or their computer’s hard drive.

Device cloning is also a very efficient way of recovering all digital data, even if the individual being investigated had already deleted it. It is a fantastic way of getting all the information you want without involving data carriers or even their phone manufacturers. With device cloning, you are able to see all call logs, messages, and any other information of the victim’s synced accounts such as their social media messages and emails.

2. High Tech Cameras

For many years, a camera has been an investigator’s best friend and still is. With the rapid-paced technological advancements we have witnessed over the years, camera technology has evolved a great deal. As seen at thespystore.com.au, there is a diverse range of powerful investigative cameras to choose from. These include the tiniest possible spy cameras that one can hide in the most unsuspected areas within a target location. You can plant them in cars, homes, or even workplaces without getting noticed.

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With their highly powerful lenses and other incredible features, you can get super-clear pictures and video footage even over long distances. That way, an investigator doesn’t have to follow close to an individual being investigated risking their lives.

3. Special Databases

As an investigator, being able to access special databases not open to the public domain could be a great deal. With these databases, you can find all the crucial information you need to help you in your investigative job. For instance, you need to have access to databases showing whether a particular individual has a criminal record. Accessing previous records comes in handy in assisting an investigator to understand their target person, group, or entity. This means getting a powerful computer along with high-tech programs that allow you to access information from the said databases easily.

4. Layered Voice Analysis

With this tool, an investigator can analyze a person’s voice content psychologically and emotionally as well as determining the truthfulness of the person’s voice content. The layered voice analysis tool is quite effective in various situations during investigative work. Some applicable scenarios include when an investigator is:

  • When interviewing individuals
  • Listening to phone conversations
  • Decoding scratchy recordings

5. GPS Tracking Systems

With GPS and IMEI trackers, an investigator can keep track of a person via their GPS-enabled gadgets such as their smartphones. Also, planting a GPS tracking device on a person’s car enables an investigator to closely monitor their movements. Since the GPS tracker is just a tiny device that provides real-time information about the locations of the person being investigated, it is hard for the particular person to notice that he/she is being tracked down.

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For instance, a GPS tracking device can enable a company to find out whether employees are using company resources such as cars for personal businesses. They also offer a great way of investigating individuals suspected of adultery.

6. Surveillance Drones

A surveillance drone is a piece of investigative equipment that is not only a game-changer but a must-have. With drone surveillance equipment, an investigator can survey even in places where people can’t access and reveal what would have been otherwise unseen. These aerial gadgets are equipped with cutting-edge video camera technologies to behold the ordinary. With surveillance drones, you can watch a large area of property such as the driveways, basements, parking lots, or even follow an individual closely on foot. The data collected by the surveillance drone shows in real-time with complete date and time stamp signatures.

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And there you have it. With the highlighted investigative tools and equipment, an investigator can easily tell when an individual is lying or engaging in illegal acts. Most of these tools are also helpful in criminal cases where lawyers need to gather adequate solid evidence enough to win a lawsuit.

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