In basketball, ball handling is a bit more than just dribbling and ball control. Both of these skills are of paramount importance in basketball. Handling is very important in basketball, but it’s more often ignored during practices. In the court, most people believe the point guard is the one who should be the most skilled in ball handling.

Well, this is a misconception that has often been. In the actual sense, the shooting guards and posts are more responsible when it comes to ball handling. Actually, being at your best when it comes to ball handling is always important irrespective of the position you play.

Without further ado, here are some helpful tips on improving your ball handling skills even at home.

Practice Dribbling with Your Finger Pads

Your dribbling skills are quite important when it comes to ball handling. This is because most of your handling practices will involve dribbling. However, when it comes to handling, it is dependent on the part of the hand that dribbles. This is similar to the part of the hand that handles the ball when shooting. This means that you should, by all means, avoid dribbling with your palm or your fingertips.

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Secondly, when handling, always try to follow through by snapping your wrist. This ensures that the ball hits at the right spot on the ground and finds its way back to your hand.

Practice on Aggression

Be aggressive by pounding the ball even harder. This reduces the chances of the ball getting snatched right out of your hand by defenders. The harder the dribbles, the faster it will be for the ball to return to your hand. Practice makes perfect, this is why it’s important that even while at home you practice these skills. It makes it easier for the brain to record it in your muscles.

Get Down Low

For this to happen with ease, it’s important that you first and foremost be well seasoned with workouts. Ensure that your workouts help build your core and strengthen your back. Some of the best basketball workouts include sit-ups, side plank holds, plank holds, and cardio exercises. These exercises will improve your stamina, stability, and resilience as most of the getting low involves bending. While at the low position, you’ll notice that you have better control of the ball.

Protect the Ball

When handling the B’ Ball, it is always important to keep it shielded from your opponent’s reach. This involves when dribbling, when on the move, and sometimes even when approaching your lay-up. When holding the ball, you’ll want to practice widening your stance, which enables you to have a better view of the court. It also keeps you ready and on toes to move to any direction when attacking or switch swiftly to a defensive position.

Master Your Footwork

Speed and agility are critical in basketball. To perfect your ball handling, you’ll want to work on your footwork, both in terms of swiftness, and alertness.

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There are a number of moves that you may be familiar with to better your footwork, some of which may include hesitations, scissor moves, and crab- dribbling, among others. Perfecting your footwork will be great for both your defensive and attack moves.

Shot Precision

Last but not least; precision is key when it comes to basketball, especially when taking shots. Whoever, you may not have enough space in your backyard to install a basketball court or board. Thanks to today’s innovations, there are arcade basketball systems that can even fit your tiny extra indoor space. Practice makes perfect and taking 3-pointer or 2-pointer shots are part of the fun in the game.

Especially when you master the rules, moves, and skills, basketball is full of fun. With the above few tips, you have little or no excuse to skip your basketball practice. Practicing these moves will not only improve your workout skills but will also have a significantly help improve in other areas.

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