Kingston, at their private suite during Computex, has shown the FURY CAMM2 memory modules.

CAMM2 is short for Compression Attached Memory Module, offering thinner dimensions compared to SO-DIMMs along with better performance and power efficiency thanks to its single PCB plane design. CAMM2 on itself is a dual-channel memory so you don’t have to worry about another stick to activate the feature. Initially a Dell proprietary design, CAMM2 has been introduced to JEDEC as a new industry standard for mobile memory

kingston highlights fury impact camm2 ddr5 modules 1

CAMM2 will be available in DDR5 and LPDDR5X variants – with the latter appearing as the soldered model for more physically constrained devices.

Now the FURY Impact CAMM2 we’ve seen were installed on MSI (Project Zero) and ASUS (Lengshuikeng) motherboards. I am not sure why Kingston decided to showcase them on ATX motherboards as I find ITX or SFF systems a much better form factor for demonstration.

kingston highlights fury impact camm2 ddr5 modules 3

Anyway, these runs at DDR5-5600 so not exactly the fastest DDR5 around by desktop standards. However, it is theoretically able to go faster compared to LO-DIMM and SO-DIMMs due to its design so expect record breaking specs once the CAMM2 standard gets its much needed attention and development.

kingston highlights fury impact camm2 ddr5 modules 2

Kingston told us that they are aiming to release CAMM2 modules in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities, with 128 GB and 256 GB still in consideration.

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