MSI announced the world’s first 24.5-inch 100 Hz EyesErgo Business Monitor, the PRO MP251 Series.

24.5-Inch is the Best Screen Size for Office

The groundbreaking 24.5-inch 100 Hz eyecare commercial monitor takes center stage with its pioneering technology and design. By combining high refresh rates with eye protection in its compact design, it sets a new standard for professional monitors.

With its 24.5-inch screen size, this monitor strikes a perfect balance between spaciousness and desk real estate. Designed to fit seamlessly onto office desks and workstations, it ensures that users have ample space for essential work materials. The PRO MP251 Series monitors offer more than 5% more display area in the same physical footprint as 23.8-inch monitors, enhancing visual experience while also reducing eye strain.

Extensive research has led to the selection of the 24.5-inch width as the optimal size to enhance comfort and concentration within the human field of vision when placed on a work desk that is 60~80 cm deep. This ergonomic design feature minimizes distractions, allowing users to focus better on tasks.

Eye-Care and Ergonomic Design

The PRO MP251 Series puts eyecare at its forefront beyond that of its visual aesthetic. Its ergonomic design elements include blue light reduction, flicker-free technology, Eye-Q Check function, 100 Hz refresh rate, and an ergonomic stand design. Together, these features ensure a comfortable and healthy viewing experience, reducing eye strain and discomfort during extended usage.

Eye-Q Check feature enables users to perform self-checks on their eyes to ensure optimal eye health. This innovative feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who spend long hours in front of the screen and want to take proactive measures to protect their eye health.

The certified 100 Hz refresh rate is a standout feature, as it effectively eliminates screen flicker, a common cause of eye fatigue. With smoother and more fluid visuals, it not only enhances your viewing experience but also contributes to reduced eye strain and improved overall comfort during long work hours.

Clever Productivity Enhancements

PRO MP251 Series monitor is not just about visuals; it’s designed to boost productivity as well. Features like an accessory slot on the stand and Display Kit App provide easy access to essential tools and gadgets, streamlining workflow. Additionally, the monitor also comes equipped with built-in speakers for online conference calls and online courses. VESA wall-mount support for flexible installation options also provides users with the flexibility to display the monitor how they see fit.

msi releases pro mp251 series 100 hz monitors 2

The PRO MP251 business monitor is a remarkable addition to any home or office environment. Its ergonomic design, innovative technology, and productivity-enhancing features make it a valuable asset for professionals seeking a more comfortable, productive, and visually pleasing workspace. Embrace the future of office displays and elevate your work experience with this groundbreaking monitor.

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