Netgear is the first company in the world to create the fastest Wi-Fi router. Suffice to say, they reached the top of the pyramid when it comes to innovative wireless and modem routers.

Now more and more homes have many gadgets that needs a strong and constant Wi-Fi link. This Netgear ac1750 modem router overview will give you a clear spotlight of one of the most popular models of the manufacturer.


This device gives you everything required for very quick access at home. Next-generation of routers with dual-band technology provides coverage over the entire area of a house or apartment thanks to a gigabit wired and wireless getaway. Wireless speed of up to 1300 Mbit/s is achieved when connecting to other 802.11ac 1300 Mbit/s gadgets.

Netgear AC1750 Modem Router Overview GP 2

The manufacturer offers maximum wireless signal transmission speed according to IEEE 802.11 standard specifications. However, the actual speeds and net coverage may be lower depending on network conditions and the environment, including traffic and building design features. Moreover, the company gives no guarantees regarding the compatibility of this product with future standards.


This gadget maintains a high level of online security to ensure family-friendly browsing. The manufacturer provides protection against phishing attacks, as well as restrict access for children and guests. Moreover, it offers the following features:

  1. Parental Controls — manages web filtering and access by profile or device;
  2. Guest Network Access — separate secure guest access;
  3. Secure Wi-Fi pass — highest security with WPA/WPA2;
  4. VPN support — secure access to your home network when you are away;
  5. Personal FTP Server — own free URL to create an FTP server.


There is nothing more unpleasant than losing your access! Advanced features and best-in-class technology help to reduce interference and get a more reliable Wi-Fi pass:

  • Simultaneous operation in two ranges — reducing interference and improving communication for more devices;
  • “Beamforming+” — an intelligent direct signal generation technology that increases the speed, reliability and coverage area of ​the connections;
  • Advanced QoS — Optimization for smooth streaming and HD gaming;
  • Radio Alignment Algorithm — eliminates net delays when connecting slow-running gadgets.

Additional Features

You can share photos and music on disk or a USB printer, as well as protect your files with the integrated FREE ReadySHARE Vault software for backing up files from computers running Windows. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a convenient app for easy configuration of your router from the mobile device. Easy, right?

In Conclusion

What can the average user benefit of this gadget? Well, it offers up-to-date security features that make your access safe and reliable. The beamforming technology gives you an advanced opportunity to enter the Internet regardless of your dislocation within the access area. Impressing speed characteristics make it possible to get a maximum of wireless access. But, there are no proofs of compatibility with the standards that will appear next.

If you require a modern router for domestic purposes — Netgear AC1750 Router is a good choice.

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