At COMPUTEX 2023, Noctua reports that their second generation of the award-winning NH-D15 CPU is slated for release this coming Q2 of 2024.

NH-D15 Gen 2

Noctua details that the soon to be released NH-D15 will feature a heat-sink with a fin pitch of 1.6 mm. Compared to the latest generation’s 1.9 mm fin pitch, this allows the 2nd generation cooler to increase its surface area by as much as 20% without increasing the actual size.

noctua nh d15 gen computex 2023 1

This along with the increase from 6 to 8 heat-pipes are the keys to the upcoming NH-D15’s superior thermal dissipation performance.

Noctua showcased this feat on their on-site live demonstration at a heat-load of 300 W. The NH-D15 prototype  illustrated an improvement of around 3-3.5 °C over the current design.

The catch is, while it is slated for Q2 of 2024, the actual release date will still depend on the success of the upcoming 2nd generation 140 mm Noctua fan – currently in development.

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