CES is always full of surprises, and there’s no better way to address that fact than Nvidia. Apparently, the graphics behemoth just revealed their latest SoC designed around the Maxwell architecture.

Nvidia Tegra X1 News

Dubbed as the Tegra X1, this new mobile processor from Nvidia packs 256 GPU cores along with 8 CPU cores, providing morethan a Teraflop of computing performance; even comparable to the first supercomputer that hit the same performance level a decade ago with just a very small fraction of energy used if compared.

Talk about comparisons, Nvidia ran a real time demo of the Unreal Engine using the said mobile superchip, and it ran the benchmark decently, which is really surprising for its wattage throughput of 10W. That’s just 9% of the Xbox One’s TDP when running the same benchmark. The Tegra X1 isn’t just a graphics and computing monster, as the 20nm SoC also boasts smooth 4K video capabilities, and could be used on automotive applications too such as THIS one for example.

GPU NVIDIA Maxwell 256-core GPU
DX-12, OpenGL 4.4, NVIDIA CUDA®, OpenGL ES 3.1, and AEP
CPU 8 CPU-core, 64-bit ARM® CPU
4x A57 2MB L2; 4x A53 512KB L2
VIDEO H.265, VP9 4K 60 fps Video
4k H.265, 4k VP9, 4k H.264
Isolated Power Rails, Fourth-Generation Cluster Switching
DISPLAY 4K x 2K @60 Hz, 1080p @120 Hz
HDMI 2.0 60 fps, HDCP 2.2

Truly, the Tegra X1 is a fascinating chip, and it is evident that the Maxwell GPU architecture is indeed Nvidia’s cream of the crop and will stay for years to come. Expect the Nvidia Tegra X1 powered mobile and automotive products sometime this year. Learn more about it HERE.

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