NVIDIA at Computex 2024 unveils a new guideline for their GeForce RTX GPUs pertaining to the SFF systems.

This is in coordination with various vendors, particularly case manufacturers, making sure that their GeForce branding aligns with the said form factor.

Basically, the call for an SFF-Ready GeForce RTX pertains to RTX 4070 and higher models. The following specifications for vendors must be met to ensure it is within the branding:

  • 151 mm maximum height including power cable bend radius
  • 304 mm maximum length
  • 50 mm or 2.5 slots maximum depth

The specifications should ensure that SFF-Ready RTX models will fit SFF PCs – especially cases. On that note, case or enclosure manufacturers now have measurements to meet – similar to what NVIDIA did with the Max-Q notebooks.

NVIDIA Details SFF Ready GeForce Guideline 2

That said, while it is not 100% required to follow, this sets a unifying standard in the industry. On a more personal note thought, I was expecting the guideline to be more in-line with ITX measurements. I.e., graphics cards with 170 mm in length.

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