Nvidia’s soon to be mainstream champion, the GTX 1060 wont be supporting SLI – as suggested by leaked images of its PCB, showing no SLI finger(s) in place. The news of course upsets some consumers, disabling their upgrade path for a dual GTX 1060 graphics card.

Aside from the side profile, showing only the 6-pin power connector, the GeForce GTX 1060 also features a short PCB, which should be around the standards of an ITX conforming graphics. This means that AIB patners could create their own small form factor capable graphics card without creating or designing their own PCB.

Nvidia GTX 1060 SLI News (4)

If the leaked images are real, and it is indeed the retail version, then SLI implementation is almost far fetched. Almost, because there are ways to implement SLI even without a bridge. One would be via PCI Express, which is suitable and plausible for the GTX 1060 due to the extra PCI-E bandwidth that it will never use. This has been done before with the 7000 GT series of cards, with the Hybrid SLI / GPU Boost configurations of the early 2000, and with the most recent being the AMD Bridgeless CrossfireX capable cards.

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Of course, if the Pascal architecture has not been made to support such bridgeless SLI feature, then we can only think that Nvidia never wanted you to SLI these bad boys in the first place so these cards wont cannibalize the higher tier graphics market.

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