OCCT, also known as OCBASE, is proud to announce its 20th year anniversary with a worldwide giveaway, featuring a prize pool worth at least $10,000 USD.

“With OCCT reaching 5.5 million downloads per year in 2022, with a real community behind it. I’m the first one amazed at the current situation i’m in. I’m so lucky to have the support of so many people, ideas flowing in, and being able to make a living for my family on what has been my passion for 23 years!” ~ Adrian, OCCT/OCBASE.

ASETEK, Origin PC, Cooler Master, LD LC/KFA2, NFORTEC, Azerty and NZXT are among the brands who’ve collaborated with OCCT for this giveaway. Gamers Nexus and LTT also checks in with their respective merchandises.

OCCT 20th Anniversary Giveaway 2

Details of the giveaway are as follows:

  • Giveaway link: OCCT Stableversary
  • Giveaway is global, and ends on 2023-05-22 12:00:00 UTC
  • One participation per household ( same address )
  • Winners will be announced on discord and contacted by email
  • If the winner doesn’t answer to this email within 7 days, a new winner for the prize will be selected
  • All duplicates entries will be removed entirely from the giveaway
  • Some prizes are exclusive to Patreon members

For those who are unfortunately unfamiliar with OCCT, it is the most popular all-in-one stability monitoring and stress testing tool available in the market right now. I have been using it for years on my builds and have started to use it for benchmarking and review samples as well.

You may download and use it for free or purchase its more powerful licensed versions here.

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