OWC (Other World Computing) has introduced the new Atlas Pro and Ultra CFexpress 4.0 memory cards, offering twice the speed of CFexpress 2.0 cards.

The new Atlas Pro and Ultra memory cards represent a significant leap in performance. The Atlas Pro cards come in 256 GB and 512 GB capacities, while the Atlas Ultra cards are available in 1 TB and 2 TB sizes. These cards leverage PCIe Gen 4 technology, enabling astonishing read speeds of 3650 MB/s and write speeds of 3000 MB/s, marking a substantial 97% performance increase from the previous generation cards. Such performance improvements make it possible to capture high-quality 4K, 6K, and 8K+ videos and facilitate content offloading and editing at unprecedented speeds. Furthermore, OWC memory cards consume only one-third of the allowable power specifications, making them ideal for battery-operated cameras.

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What sets these memory cards apart is their backward and forward compatibility. OWC has a long-standing commitment to extending the lifespan of technology, and the Atlas CFexpress 4.0 cards continue this tradition. Using OWC’s Innergize™ software, users can upgrade the firmware on their previous PCIe Gen3 Atlas Ultra 1 TB and 2 TB cards to the CFexpress 4.0 firmware. This exclusive upgrade nearly doubles the previous read/write speeds, going from 1850 MB/s and 1700 MB/s to 3650 MB/s and 3000 MB/s.

Additionally, the Atlas CFexpress CFA 4.0 memory cards are backward compatible with CFA 2.0 PCIe Gen 3 hosts, providing both performance and flexibility. This feature is particularly notable because it allows existing OWC Atlas memory card owners to harness the latest speeds without the need to purchase new cards, emphasizing OWC’s commitment to its customers.

OWC Atlas Ecosystem

The OWC Atlas ecosystem is designed to support photographers and videographers throughout the creative process, from capturing content to delivering it to the audience. It encompasses Atlas Memory Cards, OWC Innergize™ software, and Atlas Card Readers.

  • The Atlas Memory Cards provide flexibility and choice for photographers and videographers, catering to their specific camera needs. These cards undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and performance.
  • The OWC Innergize™ software is an integral part of the ecosystem. It checks the health of an Atlas card, cleans and restores performance, and allows for field firmware upgrades to take advantage of the latest improvements. This ensures that OWC cards and readers perform optimally with various cameras.
  • The Atlas Card Readers, including a range of portable Atlas card readers, as well as SD and CFexpress card reader-equipped OWC docks and storage solutions, make it easy to ingest and edit content. These readers are designed to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring maximum sustained, throttle-free performance.

Price and Avalability

Pricing and availability for the new Atlas Pro and Ultra CFexpress 4.0 memory cards are as follows: Atlas Pro CFexpress 25 6GB ($169.99), Atlas Pro CFexpress 512 GB ($199.99), Atlas Ultra CFexpress 1 TB ($579.99), and Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2 TB ($999.99). OWC’s Innergize software is now available for Mac users, with the Windows version coming soon.

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