Palit at COMPUTEX shown us how 3D printing could make your graphics card truly unique along with their new line-up for 2023.

Palit Maker Project

The Palit Maker Project encourages gamers to show their creativity with 3D printable designs that you could slap onto your graphics card. There are two graphics line-up supported thus far; the Palit GamingPro and Dual series. Files available for printing are offered in Paint and Creator versions. First one is paint-ready (you still have to print them BTW) while Creator allows you to work on the .STL and .STP files for further personalization prior to printing.

Palit 3D Print Graphics COMPUTEX 2023 4

It is worthy to note that there are two main files added into each versions. There is a standard and a two-part variant for maximum compatibility between various 3D printers and or bed sizes. Files are also not limited to the front-plate as Palit also had a demo of a removable back-plate at the show. They are most likely going to add these in the near future.

Palit Graphics Cards

The last time I visited Palit at Taiwan, they only got four variants. Added to the mix is the GamingPro which is slotted between the flagship GameRock series and the more mainstream (ehem) JetStream series of products. Retaining the offering for budget oriented gamers are the Dual and StormX products with their recently announced GeForce RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti models.

Palit 3D Print Graphics COMPUTEX 2023 1

Palit also had a dissected RTX 4090 GameRock OC at the event. Goes to show how proud they are with this particular model and how it turned out inside and out.

Palit 3D Print Graphics COMPUTEX 2023 3

For more information about Palit and their products, please check out at their social media channels and their official website.

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