The Hydro series is among the latest in FSP’s current line-up of high performance PSUs. What we have is the Hydro G PRO, a 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU with tons of features, built to satisfy almost every gamer’s needs this side of the year.

FSP introduces the Hydro G featuring a new IEC62368 certification. That said, it has been improved when it comes to safety and is also designed to become a more compact model in contrast to the larger Hydro PTM models. Highlights here is the ≥90% efficiency at typical loads. The PSU also comes with fully modular cable, a semi 0dB operation capable 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan and of course a 10 year warranty.

Disclosure: FSP sent this unit as a sample for the purpose of this preview. The company did not ask me to say anything particular about it. All thoughts and opinion are of course my own.

  • Product Page: HYDRO G PRO 750W
  • Price: ₱5,499 (RP, Lazada)
  • Release Date: Q3 2019

Technical Specifications

Form Factor ATX
Output Power 750W
Input Current 10/5A
Efficiency ≧ 90%, Typical
PFC Active PFC
Power Good Signal
Hold Up Time
Certification 80 Plus Gold
Compliance ATX 12V V2.52
Cable Modular
UVP‎ Yes
Model 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan
Speed 800-1400RPM
Noise 15-30dBA
Length 150mm
Width 150mm
Height 86mm
Weight NA

Packaging and Accessories

The Hydro G PRO 750W is cradled inside a standard double foamed PSU packaging.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W Review 1

The product should come with the following items inside:

  • User manual
  • Power cable
  • 4x screws
  • 24-pin ATX cable
  • 2x 8-pin CPU cable
  • 2x 8+8 pin GPU cable
  • 4x SATA+Molex cable
  • Cable pouch
  • 2x Sticker set

Design, Build and Connectivity

The Hydro G PRO 750W is a standard size ATX PSU but for political correctness, this is more like a hybrid between the depth and width of ATX12V and FlexATX standards. A simple looking PSU really but with a weight to match at 1611 grams.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W Review 10

Most of the things you need to know about the power supply’s capabilities are located at the top of its case. Glad to see a a maximum of 62.5A here for the +12V rail.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W Review 8

FSP went with a 135mm fluid dynamic ball bearing fan for the Hydro G. The fan is rated to output a maximum of 30dBA of noise (at 25°C, 1 meter away). The fan also supports 0dB up to a certain load via the eco feature of the PSU.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W Review 3

FSP made sure to group each ports accordingly with this PSU. They have excellent clearance with one another. The peripheral side comes with their proprietary outlet that makes them easy to work with compared to lets say the rest of the ports. Nothing to complain here.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W Review 4

The Hydro G PRO is a modular PSU, so cable management is easy enough. These are flat cables, meaning they are easy to flex and should have no trouble with a variety of side panel clearance. If the port fits, the cables will too – definitely.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W Review 7

These cables have enough length (>50cm) to stretch even within full towers as long as there are adequate cable management routes. Longest one is the PCI-E cable at 80cm which makes sense. What doesn’t is the inclusion of the 4-pin FDD from one of the peripheral cables. This is a legacy connector and I believe it should be omitted from consumer based PSU models.

Cable Type Cable Connector
ATX 20+4 pin 1 1
ATX 4+4 pin 2 4
PCI-E 6+2 pin 2 4
SATA 4 14
Molex 4 pin 3 5
FDD 4 pin 1 1

Safety and Efficiency

A power supply unit is just not about power and reliability; it’s also about safety and efficiency. On this section, we check out if the PSU carries the commonly adapted safety or protection features. We also get to talk about the 80 Plus certification and its effect on efficiency.

Safety Feature Description Support
OCP / Over Current Protection Activates when the current in the rails surpasses a certain limit. Yes
OVP / Over Voltage Protection Activates when the voltages surpass a trigger point. Yes
UVP / Under Voltage Protection Activates when the voltages go below a trigger point. Yes
OPP / Over Power Protection Activates when the PSU exceeds its maximum rated capacity. Yes
OTP / Over Temperature Protection Activates when the PSU exceeds its rated temperature threshold. Yes
SCP / Short Circuit Protection Activates when the PSU impedance is too low. Yes

The FSP Hydro G PRO 750W supports 6 out of 6 commonly used safety features. OVP protects the majority of rails (+3.3V, +5V, +12V), while OPP kicks in when the PSU reaches 150-170% over peak load on the major rails. SCP on the other hand will kick in when any of the DC rails have short circuited, while OPP will trigger a system shutdown when the system reached 120% of its capacity continuously.

The PSU features an efficiency rating of 80 Plus Gold. That means it has a minimum efficiency rating of 87% at 20% and 100% load. It gets better at 50% load with an efficiency rating of 90%.

Voltage and Power Good Delay

Voltage tolerance is an important aspect of any power supply unit. If for example, a power supply unit provides the parts of a computer with a particular voltage outside of this tolerance, the system being powered may fail to work properly. Power good delay tolerance on the other hand is the amount of time it takes PSU to start up completely and begin delivering the proper voltages to the connected devices.

Voltage Rail Tolerance Result
+3.3V ±5% 3.2V
+5V ±5% 4.9V
+5VSB ±5% 5.0V
+12V ±5% 11.7V
-12V ±10% 12.0V
Power Good Delay 100-500 ms 367ms

As far as our test results are concerned, the actual voltage rail outputs from the Hydro G Pro are within tolerance. Perfect Good Delay is at 367 ms which is better than most PSUs I’ve tested. These results looks good to me in general, but I’d like to see a tighter +12V output.

Software, Lighting and Special Features

There are two main features of the power supply aside from its protection level and certifications. These are the Eco mode and the conformal coating. Eco does affect power and operating noise by turning off the fan whenever the PSU’s load is under 30%.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W Review 9

Conformal coating on the other hand provides the PSU to output a reliable performance in harsher environments, where the relative humidity could reach 95%. Tropical countries such as the Philippines will definitely benefit from this feature.

FSP also included two decals (Red and Green) so if that would match your rig better, you have the ability to change the styling a bit (default is Blue). This is borderline unnecessary, but I’d take it.

Final Thoughts

The FSP Hydro G PRO in 750W variant is a commendable PSU under within the $100 figure. Like many power supplies around this range, it has 6 of the most common safety features and comes with ≥90% efficiency at 50% load. The 62.5A +12V rail is also a welcome boost over the usual 50A output of power supply units around this price point.

Connectivity wise, there isn’t much to complain here aside from the legacy FDD connector. I find this unnecessary for most. Regardless, one legacy connector is not enough as a deterrent – especially if you got a slew of up to date connectors in tow.

Now while I have tested this PSU during the course of its stay, I am by no means certified to conduct a full review – hence, the preview. With that in mind, please look into full reviews so you could properly judge this product. I am really limited here so keep that in mind.

As far as this impression is concerned, ₱5,499 is actually a great price to settle for the Hydro G 750W; more so with its 10 year warranty as a part of the package. That said for me personally, this is going to be a recommendation – as far as my capabilities are concerned.

FSP Hydro G PRO 750W
  • Performance - 8/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Connectivity - 9/10
  • Efficiency - 9/10
  • Features - 8/10


The FSP Hydro G Pro 750W is a totally capable power supply with a price to match at around $100 USD.


  • Excellent build quality
  • +12V rail amperage
  • Conformal coating for the tropics
  • Connectors and modularity
  • Eco mode, 0dB under 30% load
  • 80 Plus Gold certified
  • ≥90% efficiency at 50% load
  • Really compact for a 750W PSU


  • +12V rail tolerance could be a bit tighter
  • FDD connector still a thing

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