Award-winning gaming chair specialist Secretlab today announced the official  Secretlab VALORANT Collection. Timed to the drop of Episode 5 Act 3 and hot off the heels of the  VALORANT Champions Tour where Secretlab is also a founding partner, the Secretlab VALORANT  Collection is the first ever official VALORANT-licensed merchandise.

Decked out in the classic VALORANT  colors and iconic elements familiar to every fan, the full Secretlab x VALORANT setup screams  VALORANT pride for the most passionate fans. 

SecretLab TITAN Evo 2022 VALORANT Edition

Each chair comes with the Secretlab Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy Chair Attachment that can be inserted into the side of the chair. Modeled after the elusive Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy sought after by fans worldwide, the Secretlab VALORANT Edition chair brings the highly-coveted in-game item to real life. 

SecretLab 2022 Valorant Collection PR 1

Dressed in the classic navy blue and red VALORANT colors, and with the iconic logo stitched into the backrest  and agent classes embroidered on its side wings, the Secretlab VALORANT Edition chair is the hallmark of any  VALORANT agent’s battlestation. The game’s signature tagline ‘Defy the Limits’ is featured on the back of the chair  in ten different languages, a nod to its unapologetically global mission. Jam-packed with the ergonomic features  of the TITAN Evo 2022, you can now sit sharp and aim sharp for your rank grind in the final act of Episode 5. 

Designed to perfectly pair with the chair, the Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow VALORANT Edition features  the same signature VALORANT colors and elements, bringing even more cloud-like comfort and added support on  the road to Radiant. 


Made to pair perfectly with the Secretlab VALORANT Edition chair – both in form and function – players can  bring the VALORANT world right to their own set up with themed accessories designed specially for the  Secretlab MAGNUS Desk. 

SecretLab 2022 Valorant Collection PR 2

Transform your MAGNUS setup to one geared for battle with the Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat VALORANT Edition, featuring the same Agent classes embroidered on the mat. Available in both 1.5m and 1.77m sizes, the desk mat is compatible with all MAGNUS and MAGNUS Pro desks. 

Keep your cables in check with the Secretlab MAGNUS Cable Management Bundle VALORANT Edition, featuring  the signature VALORANT graphical lines and typography imprinted on the cable sheaths, and red cable anchors  that will pop against the navy blue of the MAGPAD Desk Mat. 

Having celebrated each major event with Riot Games – from the League of Legends World Championship and its  major regional leagues to music releases like K/DA’s ‘ALL OUT’ and in-game events such as Star Guardian and  Ruination – an expansion by award-winning gaming chair specialist Secretlab into the world of VALORANT has  been a long time coming, and one highly anticipated by fans. 

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