Pearl Abyss announced that the new Sage class’s Awakening is now available in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can awaken their  Sage and continue their journeys with new powerful weapon and skills.

Sage has returned in his Awakened form to the world of Black Desert. Starting today, Sage will be able to attack enemies wielding the lightning-imbued Kibelius. He can also throw his weapon and pierce through his opponents or transform himself into lightning and deal wide-ranging, devastating attacks.

Moreover, Awakened Sage gives Adventurers a diverse array of new main skills that are very unique to this class. Some of his skills including Lightning Prison, which opens a massive rift to summon spears, and Impaling Flash, which charges the Kibelius with lightning that the Sage then throws at enemies.

Various events will also be held to celebrate the arrival of Sage’s Awakening. The Awakened Sage’s Attendance Rewards event will be held until May 26. Adventurers are highly encouraged to login during this event period to claim special rewards including pets, a storage maid, and Inventory Expansion Slots. They can also obtain Blackened Rock Fragments by hunting, gathering, or logging in. These fragments can then be exchanged for more valuable rewards.

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