Recovering data from PC or smartphone after an invasion by malicious software comes with its share of challenges. Trying to rediscover videos, photos, documents, or apps in a corrupted file inside your computer or smartphone has proven to be a serious challenge. Having an antivirus doesn’t prevent your files from attack by worms and viruses if you keep on clicking any site that sends data your way. Are you are software engineer in making, you can seek engineering homework help when learning about these data recovery software.

Effects of Data Loss in a Smartphone or Computer

Data loss happens more frequently than we expect, both at the personal level and corporate world. Data loss causes extreme challenges and can make your organization to lose vast sums of money and time. In some instances, data loss can affect your career as it triggers lots of stress and pressure from the bosses.

Losing your photos, videos, and other necessary data also affects your personal life significantly. You won’t only have to worry about the best recovery systems but the money needed.

Which is the Best Software for Data Recovery?

Want to recover lost data but don’t know where to start? Use any of these tried and true data recovery software.

  1. Disk Drill

Formerly known as 7 Data Recovery Software, Disk drill is an easy-to-use software that can reliably recover up to 500mb of data. The software has a free scanning feature and a pro version that costs $89. With the premium version of this software, you get unlimited deep and quick data scanning functions, USB data recovery abilities, and card data recovery function.

The software supports all Windows starting from XP+ to Windows 10. It offers you an advanced partition recovery tool in the event your disk is damaged. You’ll love the fact that the software has a recovery vault that ensures if you create a recovery crypt in your Disk Drill Pro early enough, you won’t lose data. The software can read file extensions in the formats of HSF+, NTFS, EXT, and FAT32.

  1. Mini Data Recovery Tool

Mini data recovery tool reads data in almost all file formats and can efficiently recover data of up to 1GB. It’s the tool you need to recover data from USB flash drives, HDD, memory cards, SSD, stick, iOS, and Android devices. The Pro version comes for $129 and allows you to recover accidentally deleted files, virus attached devices, and corrupted hard drives.  The software supports Windows Server OS, Windows 10/8/7/XP,

  1. Prosoft Data Rescue 5

The Prosoft Data Rescue 5 is the cheapest software on our list. It lets you recover lost data from corrupted and dead storage devices at the cost of $20. This tool is powerful enough to clone or replicate all files and data types from USB, hard disk, and corrupted partitions. The software uses automation technology, is user-friendly, and incredibly useful.

The software has functions such as Clone, Synchronize, and Simple Copy. All these are versions of your lost data that the software can recover and refine them for use. You can use Prosoft Data Rescue 5 in windows 7, 8, and 10. It needs about 157MB of spacing and requires local administrator permission to operate.

  1. Recuva Data Recovery

The last data recovery software choice for you is Recuva data recovery software. This is currently the most trusted and used data recovery software in the world. It’s super excellent in recovering deleted and lost data. The software is so great that it can recover up to 1GB of data from your Windows computer, recycle bin files, digital computer, or MP3.

The software supports all file extensions and can be used in Windows 10, Vista, and Windows 7. It can recover deleted and lost videos, photographs, and MP3.


Lost or deleted data accidentally, these are some amazing software you can use to recover the data. Understand the usefulness, functions, and features of any of these systems before you choose.

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