With the introduction of high-performance RTX 40 series graphics cards, there has been an increased demand for PCIe 12+4pin power supplies. Thermaltake demonstrated market foresight by releasing a complete series of PCIe 12+4pin PSUs ahead of its competitors.

For the tech enthusiasts pursuing high quality power supplies and power testers, Thermaltake offers the new Toughpower TF3 Titanium, Toughpower SFX Platinum, and Dr. Power III PSU tester.

Toughpower TF3 Titanium

The TF3 Titanium series is a fully modular power supply that meets the new ATX 3.1 standard and features maximum GPU compatibility, it has a native PCIe 12V-2×6 connector that is compatible with the latest RTX 40 series which comes with a PCIe 12+4pin connector, and also supports PCIe 8-pin cables for AMD GPUs & entry level RTX 40 series graphics cards.

To offer advantageous durability and reliability, the TF3 is made with 100% high quality Japanese 105 °C/221 °F electrolytic capacitors and 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency. The TF3 Titanium is built with the <30 mV low ripple noise design, voltage regulation <±2%, and 17 ms and up hold up time, guaranteeing its stability. Born with top-tier specifications, the TF3 Titanium series is an ideal PSU that can fully support the high-end system.

thermaltake toughpower tf3 titanium sfx platinum psu 3

Toughpower SFX Platinum

Incorporating top-tier components, the Toughpower SFX Platinum series conserves energy with its 80 PLUS Platinum certification, achieving an impressive efficiency of up to 92%. This series can effortlessly integrate into mainstream ATX or ITX chassis. The included matte black SFX to ATX adapter bracket enables users to easily install the SFX power supply into any ATX compatible chassis.

The SFX Platinum comes with a cutting-edge PCIe 12V-2X6 connector, ensuring seamless support for the latest PCIe 12+4pin graphics cards. Crafted to power critical hardware, it is constructed with 100% high-quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors, elevating durability and guaranteeing unparalleled stability and reliability.

Toughpower GF A3 Hydrangea Blue

Built for next-gen hardware, the Toughpower GF A3 Hydrangea Blue 1050 W is compatible with Intel ATX 3.1 specifications and comes with a native PCIe 12V-2×6 connector. The GF A3 Hydrangea Blue 1050 W delivers 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, it also offers stability, durability, and reliability.

Dr. Power III PSU Tester

Dr. Power III PSU Tester has been meticulously crafted to accommodate all contemporary ATX power supplies, up to ATX12V v3.1. Its inclusive design incorporates the 12VHPWR connector and adeptly detects SENSE0/SENSE1 sideband signals, offering clarity regarding the connector’s maximum Permitted Power setting (150 W/300 W/450 W/600 W).

thermaltake toughpower tf3 titanium sfx platinum psu 2

The Dr. Power III has a diagnostic system can accurately detect the voltage indicating for +12 V/+5 V/+3.3 V/5 VSB/-12 V at the same time. Users can easily read the voltage information on the LCD panel of the test. If the Dr. Power III identifies abnormal situations, including low-voltage, high-voltage, no voltage, and too high/low PG values, the built-in PG Warning Alarm system will alarm users automatically.

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