The very first question that comes across any individual while reading an unnamed or an anonymous blog is “what does an anonymous blog mean”. The answer is quite simple – an anonymous blog is a blog without any acknowledged contributor or an author.

Anonymous bloggers can achieve anonymity by simply using a pseudonym, or by making use of more sophisticated techniques like manipulation of post-dates, layered encryption routing, or by just posting from computers that are only accessed by public.

Starting an anonymous blog

When you want to start anonymous blogging, it does not mean that you have to lie about yourself or build a completely fresh personality. Many anonymous bloggers share many things about their lives but do not disclose their real names. Therefore, it is not that difficult to worry about – where to start an anonymous blog. A blog can still manage to get that personal touch and feel. It does not need to worry much about their privacy problems as well.

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In order to set up an anonymous blogging, you have to consider the following points:

  1. Spare a good amount of time; think a name for your blog and things you would like to share. Remember that it is going to be an individual, who will build a community around your blog. Therefore, do not neglect to write about the profile. The easiest of them all is to create your own anonymous blog, and build a real-sounding name. And this can be the only thing that you change about yourself.
  2. You have to make a fresh email account, so that you can publish your blog and host it.
  3. Remember when you set up the hosting account, you have to look into the box for ‘Domain Privacy Protection’.
  4. For the blog, build up your anonymous social media profiles. You can even convert your existing public profiles into anonymous ones, but it is advisable to create all fresh profiles connected with your anonymous email account.

Making money by writing anonymous blogs

There are many people who still wonder; how to make money via content writing. Yes, you can earn a good amount of money on the anonymous blog, using a fake name.

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These are some amazing ways to earn money with your anonymous blog:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertise you blog with help of reputed channels like Google or other social media platforms.
  • Sponsored posts – you will work with companies who will know your name but will not disclose it.
  • You can even self-publish using a fake name. There are writers for centuries that have been using pseudonyms.

How to make your anonymous blog popular?

Making your blog popular is something that any blogger wants and wishes for. Remember, whether it is anonymous or not, you have to upload your blogs regularly. It is the number one rule to make your blog reach maximum audience and thus make it popular. Another very important thing is to clearly define your audience. You can find them online – Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Instagram…etc. and you must ensure that you are interacting with them regularly. To engage them, is also equally important.

Tips to get more followers on your anonymous blog

Post regularly

You have to make it a point to keep posting your blogs on a regular basis in order to keep your audience engaged. It is very beneficial. Every time you publish a post, do not forget to email your regular readers.

Post content and make sure it is shareable

If you want your anonymous blog to be read by maximum readers and how to get anonymous blog noticed, the users should be able to easily share your content. Remember, if an individual has to go 2 – 3 steps just to share your blog to Pinterest, Facebook etc., it is very likely that they will give up and avoid sharing your content. Try to make sharing as seamless as possible.

As an anonymous blogger, you also have to assure that social sharing icons are quite easy to find. It is great if they are obvious to your reader, so that they do not have to hunt them, whenever they wish to share your article.

To grow traffic, create engaging headlines

The title or a headline of your blog post makes a big difference. It is generally the first thing that people notice and this helps them to decide, whether they want to click, open and read your blog. The more action oriented and specific your headline, the more chances are there to click over your posted blog.

Therefore, with online anonymity, the users would not have to worry much about their personal safety. It allows them to speak and even do things, without taking any responsibility.

In addition to creating catchy and attractive headlines, bloggers should also pay a lot of
attention to their content quality. One of the major things to become successful as a blogger is establishing mastery over Content Writing. Once you are able to fulfil all the SEO guidelines regarding content, and weave an interesting narrative, which is loved by audiences and readers, you are well on your way to becoming a huge success.

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