United Gamers Guild (UGG), the newest and fastest-rising gamer guild in the Philippines, in partnership with ULVL Productions,  held their first-ever UGG All-Stars Tournament for the massively-popular blockchain game Axie Infinity last December 28-29! Talk about ending the year with a bang!

The tournament showcased the best of the best Axie Infinity players among UGG’s top class talent pool and the biggest content creators and streamers in the country to vie for a prize pool of 1000 AXS and for the right to crown themselves the first-ever United Gamer’s Guild All-Stars Tournament Grand Champion!

UGG Axie Infinity Typhoon Odette PR 4

The All-Stars Tournament was held for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Odette that ravaged huge parts of the Visayas and Mindanao region in the Philippines. A total of 33, 495 Stars was donated to Youth Movement Initiative’s efforts in helping out those affected by the disaster.

The massive 2-day tournament featured 32 streamers and content creators such as: AremzyTV, Chippu, Don Panda, Fifi, Gudz, Inzai, Ninyoww, Overxyze, Lex Aeterna, Pattie, Ruthless, Toothless, Ninong Nokz and more!

It also wasn’t just the players that took home prizes going into the New Year, as UGG also held a variety of promos and giveaways throughout the whole tournament with lucky winners receiving cash prizes in addition to a total of 15 Axie Scholarships!

UGG Axie Infinity Typhoon Odette PR 2

The UGG All-Stars Tournament also featured a blockbuster Axie Infinity showmatch between comedian/ streamer Roadfill and award-winning singer songwriter, Yeng Constantino!

A Historic First Battle

At the end of the intense two days of competition, only two titans of the local Axie Infinity community stood tall, the crafty Jobols Gaming and wily magician of Axie Infinity Lunatic.

UGG Axie Infinity Typhoon Odette PR 3

The best of five Grand Finals match started off with Lunatic jumping out to 2-0 lead on Jobols thanks to Lunatic’s Bird, Mech and Plant lineup explosively bursting down Jobol’s Bug, Bug, Aqua in the first round and a crucial numbing sensation lockdown in the second round.

Despite the intense blitz by Lunatic taking Jobols to the brink of elimination, the latter kept his composure, refusing to go silently into the night and clinching a crucial game 3 with a DRAW as both players fell to the Bloodmoon Curse.

Evidently, that would be the spark of hope that Jobols needed as he proceeded to shift into a Plant, Aqua Mech lineup and bring it all the way back to a 2-2, tying up the series.

Poetically, It would come down to one last round to decide the epic Grand Finals Matchup. In the final round, Jobols went with a Plant, Reptile and Dusk lineup going against Lunatic’s Plant Mech, Bird. Once again, it would be Lunatic jumping out to an early lead, taking down Jobol’s looming fortress of a Plant and leaving his team defenseless. The two traded Axies in Round 4, seeing both Lunatic’s plant and Jobols’ Dusk go down leaving a 2 versus 1 in Lunatic’s favor.

Jobols’ finds another miracle erupting in Rounds 7 and 8, taking down both Lunatic’s Axies with a very literal Last Stand allowing Jobols’ Reptile to be the last Axie standing.

With that epic victory, Jobols Gaming became the very first United Gamers All-Stars Tournament Grand Champion!

To The Future

During the broadcast, Phillip Sebastian, CEO of United Gamers Guild, unveiled the vision for UGG and how it hopes to support the country’s burgeoning play-to-earn gaming community:

“We have a dream with UGG, we wanted to be able to give back to the community. We want to help the players who play games on a casual daily basis be able to earn and benefit from their happiness and passion for being a gamer. We also want to help educate that community on how you can find other play-to-earn games and what play-to-earn games they should be playing, and at the same time, support that community with an esports infrastructure like tournaments and events for the entire community. To the entire gaming community this is the start! Look out for more events to come! This is the first step to the future of gaming!”

United Gamers All-Stars Tournament Broadcasts:

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