Discover New Dimensions with ViewSonic’s Comprehensive Curved Monitor Lineup

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual display solutions further expands the curved monitor lineup to let users’ experience a new perspective in various application needs including gaming, entertainment and professional usage.

“ViewSonic provides a wide selection of curved monitors for an immersive viewing experience through improved and consistent picture quality. Increasing our curved monitor lineup from ViewSonic, we are able to provide consumers with the ideal product for their specific needs.  ” said David Chen, Business Line Manager of ViewSonic Asia Pacific, “Curved monitors are not just a trend; benefits of a curved screen could be many. These include, increasing the field of view, immersive experience and less strain on the eye. This is possible through the curvature of the screen, resulting to a more natural and distortion-free image for the human eye.”

ViewSonic Curved Gaming monitors will provide a new sense of gaming experience. Gamers with higher demand can look into the XG3240C, which features greater customisation on the ergonomics for getting the monitors into the perfect position. Integrating support for High Dynamic Range content with HDR10 will take the gaming experience further and make the image pop from both the brighter and darker parts of a scene. ViewSonic XG3240C also has you covered for fast paced game play, fear not as it is equipped with a screen comprising of 1800R curvature, high frame rate of up to 144Hz and AMD FreeSync™ support, which in all produces beautiful images resulting to a buttery smooth immersive experience during game play. Along with an abundance of powerful flexible OSD features, makes XG3240C one of finest curved gaming monitors available.

Sibling to the XG3240C, ViewSonic VX58 series is a good choice for gamers looking to experience smooth immersive game play which are usually only available on premium models. Offering 3-sided frameless design to lessen the distraction from your viewing horizon and a wide selection of sizes from 24” (VX2458-C-mhd), 27” (VX2758-C-mh) and 32” (VX3258-2KC-mhd); Gamers have the flexibility to pick out the best fit to suit their preference and environment. VX58 series comes equipped with 144Hz and a curvature of 1800R for tear free immersive gaming. When frame rates drop during game play, AMD FreeSync™ will help synchronise the frames, assisting in further enhancement to the experience and maintain the fluidity during game play.

For the movie & entertainment buffs, ViewSonic has the following models: VX3216-scmh, VX3217-2KC-mhd, and VX3515-C-hd to satisfy all of your entertainment needs. All three models offer stunning panoramic viewing experience, making images and movies more immersive than ever. These curved monitors come with a sleek modernised design to fit anywhere in your home no matter the surrounding setup. VX3216-scmh and VX3217-2KC-mhd are both 75Hz with a resolution option of Full HD and WQHD. Respectively, both monitors comes with 1800R curvature and 3-sided bezel-less design for a seamless yet immersive viewing experience, with the VX3217-2KC-mhd having a little bit more flexibility supporting VESA mount. On the other hand, VX3515-C-hd is a 35-inch, Wide Full HD monitor with 2500R curvature and a 21:9 cinema ratio so viewers can immerse in movie utopia as you would in a movie theater.

For professional use, VP3881 ultra-wide panel is ideal for video editing when working with multiple applications while a 2300R curvature provides peripheral immersion. Along with a 38-inch WQHD+ 3840 x 1600 resolution panel, ensures there is sufficient real estate on the monitor for the video editor to work with. VP3881 extends horizontally to a standard aspect ratio of 21:9, to ensure no compromise in quality. The VP3881 also comes pre-calibrated with its own colour calibration report and has the ability to hardware calibrate to avoid the hassles of re-calibrating when used with other computers. To ensure video editors are working with the correct colour, 100% of the sRGB colour gamut is covered to produce rich and vibrant colour so your project stays perfectly aligned across every platform. Delta E<2 colour accuracy and delta luminance variance of <5 % helps deliver consistent accurate colour and brightness so images stay consistent and brilliant every time. USB 3.1 Type-C allows user-friendly management of power charging, large-quantity data transmission, video display and further increases productivity through KVM switch technology when working with multiple devices.

MSRP’s are as follows:

Model  Availability  MSRP Model  Availability MSRP
VX2458-C-mhd Q4 2018 PHP 12,999 VP3881 Coming soon TBD
VX2758-C-mh Q4 2018 PHP 21,499 VX3515-C-hd Coming soon TBD
VX3258-2KC-mhd Q4 2018 PHP 29,499 VX3217-2KC-mhd Coming soon TBD
XG3240C Coming soon TBD VX3216-scmh Coming soon TBD

Please check with our official distributor if you have any question about MSRP.

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