Most parents are concerned about how to keep an eye on their disobedient teenagers or adorable young kids. With the internet integrated into almost every gadget in our homes, it can be tough to monitor children.

There are dozens of apps online that promise to survey and keep your kids safe. Still, not all of them will offer you the peace of mind that your child’s safety is guaranteed. Here, we’ll discuss the top 10 apps for parents to monitor kid’s Android phones securely.

Part 1: TeenSafe: The Best Parental Control App for Android

What’s TeenSafe? It’s a smart parental monitoring app that allows you to track your child’s Android phone activities, including physical location. Millions of people worldwide use and trust TeenSafe for its reliability.

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Designed by a globally renowned tech company, the app comes with a set of fantastical elements. It’s recognized and highly praised by distinguished media outlets like iGeeksBlog and Forbes.

TeenSafe app doesn’t require rooting on Android devices. It manages to offer a complete monitoring solution without compromising the device or making it susceptible to malicious attacks.

However, brief physical access to their phone is mandatory to install the TeenSafe app. But it only occupies 2MB storage space and runs quietly in the background. Your child will never discover that you are monitoring them.

After setup, everything else is achieved remotely via your TeenSafe online account. You can access its instinctual UI from any internet browser. On your dashboard, you will read their messages, analyze calls, check social media apps, view installed apps, etc.

Feel free to check out the app’s live demo and feel how it operates. Utilize this link to get more information about how to spy on Android phone with Teensafe. Without further ado, let’s see how it’s easy to use these parental control apps:

How to Monitor Kid’s Android Devices Without Rooting using TeenSafe

Step 1: Register for a TeenSafe online account and purchase a subscription plan for Android.

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Step 2: On the first page, fill in the provided fields by entering the kid’s name, age, and input the device OS to be Android.

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Step 3: Use the link provided on the setup wizard to download and install the TeenSafe app. Ensure all permissions are granted and activate stealth mode as you finish the installation.

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Step 4: Click on the “start” button to access your online dashboard. Wait for a few minutes for TeenSafe to configure and sync with your child’s gadget. All parental monitoring features are available here.

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Part 2: Track your Children’s Android Phone Remotely with Spyic

The second app in our list of the most reputable brands in the phone monitoring industry is Spyic. Just like TeenSafe, Spyic incorporates bleeding-edge innovations to operate in the background silently while in stealth mode.

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Part 3: Monitor Kid’s Phone Activities using Spyier Software

Spyier parental control application is the other handy product in phone monitoring. The app is designed to work 100% discreetly and is safe from viruses or malware. It helps uncover your kid’s phone text messages, call logs, visited locations, etc.

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Part 4: Use Spyine App to Keep Tabs of Your Child’s Whereabouts

You can rely on the Spyine mobile phone tracker to monitor your son’s/daughter’s phone with no particular expertise. It’s compatible with all Android devices running OS version 4.0 to the latest.

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Part 5: Remotely Surveil Your Children’s Phone with Minspy

Minspy is among the leading parental monitoring software loaded with a bunch of exclusive features. It can find your kid’s whereabouts by tracking their Android phone GPS location. You remain undetectable since it doesn’t alert the kid of being monitored.

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Part 6: Monitoring Android Without Rooting with Neatspy Solution

It’s a parent’s role to protect their children from cyber animals, inappropriate websites, and other online threats. With Neatspy phone tracker, you can watch your kid’s online activities to protect them from harmful content.

You can use it to know who your kid communicates to, filter objectionable websites, set screen time limits, etc.

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Part 7: Clickfree – The Ultimate Android Phone Monitor

Another decent phone monitoring software is ClickFree. It’s trusted by millions of users worldwide for its powerful features. You can use any web browser to monitor what’s currently happening on your kid’s Android device.

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Part 8: Successfully Analyze Your Kid’s Android Phone Activities using Spyzie

Spyzie is yet another useful parental control software. You can use it to go through call logs, read text messages, check installed apps, trace a lost phone, etc. Besides, you don’t need to root your child’s device.

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Part 9: Monitoring Children’s Phone with FoneMonitor

As suggested by its name, the FoneMonitor parental control software is a genius invention for Android tracking solutions. It has a client-friendly UI that helps you achieve a lot. You will love the app since it works without rooting the kid’s Android device.

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Part 10: Track a Teenager’s Android Gadget with Cocospy

Unlike young kids, teenagers undergo a lot, including peer pressure, adolescence, and much more. It’s thus critical for parents to keep a tab of what they do online. You can trust Cocospy to keep your children safe.

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All the above parental monitoring applications operate similarly. You can use any of them to track your kid’s Android phone happenings without rooting. We recommend you try out TeenSafe to feel for yourself how these apps operate.

The best part about TeenSafe is that it’s affordable, and you can use it without shelling out a lot of funds. You will not get headaches even when juggling multiple gadgets for multiple children.

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