There are so many amazing apps available to us, probably more than our phone storage can handle. So, it may be useful only to download the ones that can benefit you, like the money-making apps that can be used to improve your financial situation. From completing surveys for cash to games you can be paid to play, there’s a whole host of ways to make money from things you’re probably already doing on your phone.

Make earning money fun! Start by being more selective with the smartphone apps you choose as there are so many to hand; you’ll want to use the good ones and steer clear of the bad. Be sure to read the reviews before hitting download! Aim for apps that benefit you and can, in fact, make you money whether it be in introducing exciting new ways to earn, generating interest on savings, acquiring knowledge or securing assets.

Whether you’re looking for smartphone apps to provide you with a hobby or you want to make a substantial difference to your income, there’ll be an app for you. We’ve included three of the best below to help you make money this year, and for future years to come!

  1. Sell Items You Don’t Use

If you’ve spent your time having a big clear out whilst in periods of isolation, it may have crossed your mind to make some money from your unwanted stuff. We all store things in our homes that we no longer need or use, so why not sell these preloved items? Smartphone apps such as eBay, Depop and Craig’s List offer you an easy way to snap some pictures of your belongings and post straight to their site for others to purchase. Some people even set up online businesses selling clothes or whatever you have lying around the house.

It’s relatively straight forward to set up an account on these types of selling platforms, post items and wait for customers to make a bid.

  1. Learn How to Invest

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about acquiring assets and investing your money, or maybe you’re completely oblivious to the world of investment. Either way, there’s a plethora of apps at one’s fingertips to help you invest and make money. A great app for trading, investing, and growing wealth is Trading 212 designed for beginners and experts who want a hassle-free approach to secure investments and make money. It’s been voted the UK’s number one investing app with no commission, no fees and no limits, and allowing users to invest with as little as £1. The Trading 212 app also gives people the opportunity to learn about the stock market with its educational videos so you can make a more informed decision before parting with your money. You may then decide that investing in stocks and shares isn’t for you and looking to invest in more tangible assets like property may be a better option. For those looking to get started in the property business, check out RWinvest for some free online guides to help guide you through the process.

  1. Start Saving Money

If you’ve decided to invest your hard-earned cash in property investment and you need to save some money for a down payment, why not download a savings app to help you get started? Mint is rated as one of the best providing you with a complete picture of your current finances. The personal finance app will allow you to budget, track and plan future income and expenditures. Simply link your bank account to get started, it will then categorise all your transactions for you to show you your spending habits, and where you could be saving money. Furthermore, you can keep on top of your credit score to ensure it stays in tip-top condition. That way, banks will be more likely to lend you money for a mortgage.

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