Hobbies are all the things we enjoy in between our work and day to day responsibilities. These activities are what make life worth living as they are our passions. As such, it’s always best to find ways to enjoy them for brief stints throughout the day to break up the monotony of our daily routines.

Luckily with our high tech smartphones, we now have more options than ever to enjoy our hobbies on the go. Here are some great activities you can enjoy right from your personal mobile device.

Poker and Other Card Games

Games like poker have come a long way from the smoky saloons of the cowboy era. Nowadays, the poker ecosystem has gone almost completely online and the results have been fantastic. Instead of traveling to play against top-tier talent, you can grind hands out from the comfort of your own home. There are many websites and apps that allow you to enjoy classic card games like Texas Hold’em right on your smartphone. In addition to the competitive apps, there are many online resources that offer video tutorials and a few basic strategies to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals. Poker needed a big change to stay relevant and now we are seeing the next evolution of the game in real time.

Photography and Editing

Every year smartphone manufacturers push the capabilities of their phone cameras. In fact, sometimes it feels like nothing has changed on the new models except an upgraded camera. You might as well put it to use it would seem. Photography is something that everyone enjoys, especially all of the social media fanatics out there.

The capabilities of your smartphone camera are tremendous, and allow you to experiment with angles and different effects. There are also numerous picture editing apps that really allow you to take your shots to the next level with filters and other professional touches. After you learn the basics, you will surely end up with a portfolio you can be proud of.

Live Streaming

Also, to go along with your camera’s capabilities is the growing world of live streaming and content creating. Do you have a skill that you thoroughly enjoy and want to share with the world? This is exactly why live streaming was invented. You can broadcast any talent you have to a global audience and connect with people from many different walks of life in the process.

Chess and Other Traditional Board Games

Chess and other board games like Go or Backgammon have certainly seen a decline since the pre-video game and internet era. While some thought they would be kicked to the curb, they have since proven all of the doubters wrong by adapting to this new wave of technology. Now, there are many amazing apps, websites, and live streamers that are centered around traditional games like chess. In fact, these communities are flourishing as people share their knowledge and experience with the younger generation.

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Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Digital Art

Digital art is any style of design that you make with solely electronic means. This can be anything from landscapes and self portraits to product branding and packaging design. With so many advanced apps on your phone to choose from, budding artists today are spoiled for choice. Some smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy, even come with a pencil-like stylus that is perfect for drawing finer details. Things like collages are also easily done with programs like Photoshop and other picture editors. The options to explore are limitless and the entire creation, from conception to editing and then sharing on social media, can be done all in one place – your mobile device.

Food Blogger and Reviewer

While some may argue whether this is a true hobby or not, you certainly can’t deny that being a food blogger is tons of fun. Not only do you get to enjoy a lot of exceptionally delicious creations, but you also explore your own city or even distant countries, and learn more about the history and culture surrounding the many dishes out there. In the process, you have the opportunity to indulge your creative side with wildly choreographed and moodily-lit food pictures. Blogging about your experience and reviewing different restaurants is another enjoyable aspect of this hobby as well. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised to hear how many people are interested in your opinion.

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