Everyone today has a smartphone and/or a tablet in his or her possession. Using such a handy device ensures that you, as a player, have the opportunity to take a gamble at all times. You can do this on one of the classic online casino games such as roulette and blackjack, but you can always take your chance with one of the contemporary video slots that are invariably part of many mobile online casinos.

Whichever of the various options you ultimately choose, it should be clear that there are several interesting advantages and disadvantages of mobile gambling or play through a mobile app now that most top casino sites in the Philippines offer it as an option. We would like to list these benefits and drawbacks in detail for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing casino from a smartphone or tablet?

  • What are the factors for and against playing online casino games from a mobile or tablet?
  • I am looking for tips and tricks to compensate for the inconvenience of playing casino from mobile devices.
  • Is it reliable to play online casino from a smartphone?
  • What is better, playing online casino from your computer or laptop or from a smartphone or tablet?
  • Am I more likely to win at roulette, blackjack, slot mobile, poker, etc., if I play from my tablet or mobile?

Advantages of playing from the mobile app:

Betting on online casino games may seem more comfortable from a laptop or on the table because the games are larger, and you have greater concentration, but playing from your mobile devices also has a lot of advantages:

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1. Play from Anywhere

There are casino games like poker where it is necessary to gamble in a calm context, with time and tranquility, for which it is much more advisable to do it from the computer to have all our abilities awake and not make unnecessary mistakes.

However, with other more systematic online casino like sbobet offering games such as craps, mobile casino slots, bingo or even mobile roulette; It is not necessary to be so concentrated in front of the computer screen, but they can be played anywhere: in the subway, in the office or while waiting for a friend.

2. Take advantage of downtime

If you normally spend X hours a week sitting in front of the computer to play a casino game. In that case, you can use those hours for something else and play casino with your mobile phone in the downtime you have on commutes to work, for example.

In our day to day we have several dead moments or moments where we do not feel like doing anything in particular beyond relaxing for a while on the sofa, in bed or with the TV in the background while we fiddle with the smartphone or tablet.

At those times, we can enter Facebook, watch YouTube videos, play mobile games like Candy Crush or Clash, and we can also play online casino games on mobile for free or mobile casinos for real money, making that time of play more interesting.

3. Play for points or for money

As mentioned before, in mobile and tablet casino games, you can play for free, for points, and later exchange them for prizes or raffles.

There is also the option to play by betting money normally, just as you would on your usual casino website.

4. Best bonuses

Online casinos are aware that we increasingly access the internet from our mobile app instead of the computer.

It is for this reason that they are investing a lot of money in promoting their online gaming apps, and for this, they run promotions and give special mobile casino bonuses if you register from their app or if you play their casino games for smartphones and tablets.

5. Play on TV without a Smart TV or laptop

If until now you were playing casino sitting uncomfortably in a chair because instead of having a laptop you have one on the table, thanks to various mirroring or screen dubbing systems you can reflect on your television the games you are playing from your mobile.

This is possible with devices for “mirroring”, that is, duplicating your mobile screen’s contents on your television screen, so you don’t need to have a Smart TV with an internet connection to be able to play online casino on a big screen and from your sofa.

There are also some apps that allow you to play on the screen. Some systems are incorporated into the mobile operating system with the option of wireless projection.

6. Same or even higher reliability

The reliability of mobile casino games is the same as for online casino games since they have the support of these same casino websites and also have another point in favor: in your Google Play or Apple Store, you can see the votes and comments left by other players who have discarded them, making it easier for you to choose a game based on the experience of others; whereas in the casino games of the webs they normally do not show this information so clearly.

Disadvantages of playing from mobile or tablet:

We have already seen that betting on casino games from your cell phone has advantages, now let’s see the main disadvantages.

1. Lower concentration

Suppose you are gambling in a casino on your mobile or tablet. In that case, it is much more likely that you will end up being distracted if they send you messages or receive notifications of any kind.

The only way to be able to play casino games from a website or app without being distracted by the rest of the apps would be to deactivate the internet, but in that case, you will not be able to play either.

Suppose your only option is to play from your mobile. In that case, you can choose to deactivate notifications, this way, and you will not have so many reasons to be distracted.

2. Graphics

We all know that games, in general, seek greater agility rather than good graphics so that most devices can start them without consuming much battery or overheating or slowing down the mobile or tablet in question.

Well, mobile casino games are no exception, you have to be aware of this, but it is not that casino games, be it blackjack, roulette, slots or bingo, have spectacular graphics like the games on your PlayStation, so this shouldn’t be a big deal.

3. Rely on a stable network

To play casino games on your smartphone or tablet betting money, you need to be connected to the internet.

If you play just for fun, accumulating points, this is probably not necessary. For this reason, the ideal is to play when you have Wifi or where you have enough 3G or 4G network and when data consumption is not a big problem.

We recommend you control data consumption in the “Data usage” section of your cell phone, where it will indicate which apps have consumed the most data and the amount of MB or GB.

4. Screen size

Well, this is quite evident … It is also more convenient to enter Facebook from your computer and view large photos or watch YouTube videos in full screen and 1080px, but sometimes it is not comfortable to do so from your mobile. The same goes for mobile casino games.

5. Less variety of Games

It is true, mobile online casinos and betting games are something much newer than online casino games. Therefore the variety of games will always be greater to play from your computer than those available for the Play Store (Android), BlackBerry, Apple Store or Microsoft.

And another handicap of these mobile games is that some will be available for all platforms and OS and some only for Android or Apple, for example.

6. Download the Games

In many of the online casinos, it is not necessary to download the games since you can play online waiting only a few moments for the game in question to load, however, to play from your mobile it will surely be more agile for you to download game apps than to play them from the mobile version of your online casino website.

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