Aside from supporting the latest RTX 40 series GPUs, NVIDIA’s new Game Ready driver releases with RTX Video HDR. This adds a new AI-enhanced feature to all GeForce RTX GPUs, instantly converting any Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) video playing in select internet browsers into vibrant High Dynamic Range (HDR).

RTX Video HDR is yet another example of how GeForce RTX Tensor Cores and AI can further enhance your experience, for free. NVIDIA DLSS significantly accelerates performance in games and creative apps, NVIDIA Broadcast supercharges mics and cams, transforming any room into a home studio, NVIDIA Canvas turns simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images.

Content creators specializing in PC game modding — a massive part of the gaming industry with more than 10 billion gaming mods downloaded each year — now also have a powerful set of tools at their disposal with the newly released RTX Remix open beta, built on NVIDIA Omniverse.

Also, RTX Video HDR and RTX Video Super Resolution can be used together to produce the clearest live streamed video anywhere, anytime. It’s available by downloading the January NVIDIA Studio Driver, which supports the latest creative app updates, AI-powered features and more.

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