AMD had just announced the Ryzen 9 3950X CPU for the X570 platform in conjunction with the TRX40 chipset for the HEDT platform. Both tackles the high-end to enthusiast segments, leaving the impression that AMD doesn’t have anything new for the mid-range and lower-end market.

Enter the Athlon 3000G. AMD’s first sub $50 USD unlocked processor for the AM4 platform with two cores and four threads. This is no mid-range product, but it is certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the wallet emptying announcements as of late.

AMD Athlon 3000G Unlocked Processor (2)

Now the AMD Athlon 3000G is also set to decimate the sub $75 USD market based on the red team’s claim that it is a much better proposition over the $73 USD Intel Pentium Gold G5400. A CPU with the same number of threads with a higher frequency count at 3.7GHz vs 3.5GHz Athlon 3000G. Both CPUs comes with their own integrated graphics yet the Vega 3 equipped easily out shined the competition by a mile in gaming titles at 720P.

AMD Athlon 3000G Unlocked Processor (3)

Unlocked and at 3.9GHz, the Athlon 3000G appears to have as much as 85% performance difference compared to the Pentium G5400. Suffice to say this is well within and above the Pentium G5600’s territory. The bigger brother of the G5400 with about $95 USD MSRP.

These benchmarks are of course cherry picked like many other release notes and press materials. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that AMD is about to stir the lower end market before the year even ends. Intel might need to release something new or have their “budget” oriented CPUs prices cut out really soon.

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