AMD and Bethesda just announced a long-term, multi-title partnership to rapidly advance game technology development. This is to fuel new PC gaming experiences, and reshape the gaming landscape with the latest hardwares from AMD. That includes the upcoming VEGA GPUs, and the recently released AMD Ryzen CPUs.

This announcement brings together two titans of the gaming industry: Bethesda Softworks, which has sold more than 80 million copies of legendary games series like Fallout, DOOM and Dishonored, and AMD, whose CPU and GPU technologies power the experiences of 400 million gamers worldwide.

The two companies will work together to develop and accelerate the implementation of new technologies. That includes harvesting the full potential of low-level APIs such as Vulkan, and maximizing the capabilities of the computing and graphics power of AMD’s multicore AMD Ryzen CPUs, Radeon GPUs and AMD server solutions across Bethesda’s existing Bethesda franchises.

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