And… It’s powered by an Intel CPU

AMD, along the lines of their new GFX card reveal, announces their unusual Project Quantum Mini PC. An aluminum body, hour glass inspired system with dual AMD Fury GPUs inside. The Project Quantum is aimed towards the QHD gamers, with small footprint in mind.


Based on the CAD models below, the dual chamber actually consists of the main system (Lower Chamber) with the GPU, motherboard, and CPU, while the cooling unit for the system lies at the top chamber with a thick radiator, probably a 200mm one, with the pump unit next to it. The heat transfer is done via a contraption which appears to be a combination of flat and tube type coolant hose that runs from the middle of the hour glass inspired casing.  


AMD’s Project Quantum is surprisingly… powered by an Intel CPU, with a customized ASRock Z97 ITX motherboard to better suit the form factor. A pair of LP Crucial Ballistix DDR3 DIMMs could also be found here, as well as an AMD SSD, and an Intel Core Series processor believed to be a Core i7-4790K. The fastest mainstream Z97 based Devil’s Canyon CPU to date.


While it’s unusual for AMD to use its competitor’s components, it is a humbling statement from AMD, which is their pursuit for the best of their fans regardless of the manufacturer. TDP is also a concern for AMD should they use their latest FX CPUs, and performance might be hindered should they use their APUs. Regardless, AMD took the chance to show us that Intel & AMD could be a great combination after-all. That is, until AMD Zen is released.



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