Splits lineup into AGON I & AGON II For AMD & Nvidia Display Technologies

AOC, today introduces their AGON gaming display lineup for the Philippines, paving a new road to reach gamers with models specifically designed for gaming. AGON stands for AOC Game On, a gaming centric division of AOC with competitive gaming in mind. That said, expect their models to crank up features suitable for the said segment. That includes 144hz refresh rate bearing models, 1ms of response time, and eye protection features.


The AGON series will also feature a gamer oriented design, with ergonomics in mind so you’ll get a good balance between form and function. A headset mount is also included so you don’t have to buy a separate stand for your precious cans.


Now there are two distinct line ups for the gaming brand, namely the AGON I and AGON II. The AGON I will carry the models with Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology, while the AGON II will carry AMD’s FreeSync technology. Both features deals with screen tearing, and are great substitutes over VSYNC especially if we are taking competitive gaming in mind.


There will be 12 models to choose from, and we are expecting that these displays will arrive by mid September or October of this year. No pricing yet but expect AGON II displays to feature a better MSRP due to the FreeSync technology’s nature.

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