ASRock Industrial teamed up with ASPEED Technology to revolutionize the concert experience through a groundbreaking cross-field collaboration with Zong Chiang, the first Taiwanese “Grammy U mentor.”

Together, this partnership has achieved an exciting milestone with the presentation of the “ZONG Chiang Crossover-Technology Original Audio-Visual Concert” at Taipei 101’s AMBI SPACE ONE. The concert utilized ASRock Industrial’s Robust Edge AIoT Platform – the iEP-7020E, and ASPEED Technology’s Copula360 camera to achieve a perfect immersive music experience, capturing the entire concert in 360° panorama with 4K resolution. For those who can’t attend the event in person, they can still enjoy the immersive concert experience through stunning 4K recorded video afterward.

Representing a pioneering leap for concert and technology, the event showcased the first-ever 5G+4K immersive digital solo concert in Taiwan, unveiling ZONG’s latest compositions. By blending cross-disciplinary fusion between technology and original music, the concert harnessed the power of ASRock Industrial’s Robust Edge AIoT Platform – the iEP-7020E, and ASPEED Technology’s Cupola360 camera to deliver an unparalleled immersive music experience. The entire concert was captured in a 360° panorama with 4K resolution, providing an unprecedented visual and auditory feast for audiences.

“ASRock Industrial is pleased to collaborate with ASPEED Technology to demonstrate ZONG Chiang Crossover-Technology Original Audio-Visual Concert. It embodies our joint commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology-enabled musical experience and possibilities in various use cases. The seamless integration of cutting-edge hardware and artistic expression is a new milestone, creating a one-of-a-kind innovative experience for audiences,” said Kenny Chang, Vice President of ASRock Industrial.

ASRock Industrial’s iEP-7020E Robust Edge AIoT Platform powered by the latest 13th generation Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® Iris® Xe graphics serves as the technological linchpin for the concert, introducing remarkable computing performance and high-speed image processing capabilities. Equipped with PoE ports, the iEP-7020E seamlessly interfaces with ASPEED Technology’s Cupola360 camera, ensuring stable 360° panorama 4K video recording. The industrial-grade processor, designed for fanless wide-temperature robustness, guarantees optimal performance for continuous 24/7 usage, enabling the flawless capture of the captivating visual experience.

“We are excited to partner with ASRock Industrial to bring ZONG’s immersive concert to life. This world’s first interdisciplinary collaboration marks a pioneering fusion of technology and art. Our Cupola360 panoramic smart cameras, equipped with the specialized Cupola360 Spherical Image Processor, can capture entire performances from a 360-degree perspective, offering video viewers unique ‘back to the past’ experiences. This technology also provides the concert director with opportunities for fine-tuning artistic works,” said CJ Hsieh, COO of ASPEED Technology. “For remote audiences, the immersive experience allows them to virtually attend the performance from any location, providing a real-time sensation as if present in the actual scene. The ability to view the performance from on-stage or stand next to the performers, even in restricted areas, offers an unmatched level of engagement. The collaboration demonstrates the limitless potential of Cupola360 in live performance settings, establishing it as a crucial tool for event system integrators seeking to differentiate their businesses.”

The synergistic collaboration between ASRock Industrial’s Robust Edge AIoT Platform iEP-7020E and ASPEED Technology’s Cupola360 camera manifests a collective endeavor by ASRock Industrial and its partners to co-create an intelligent world. ASRock Industrial envisions the broad adoption of this advanced technology across diverse fields and industries, fostering ongoing innovation that resonates on a global scale. For further product information, visit ASRock Industrial’s website

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