A new sparkle between modern technology and traditional Chinese martial arts! Taichi silver medalist Yu-wei Chen of the Taipei 2017 Universiade endorses the Taichi motherboard series from ASRock. This cross-sector cooperation combines the modest but dedicated martial arts spirit of Chen with the down-to-earth brand philosophy of ASRock to present the essence of Taichi featuring perfection, stability, and complementation of the five elements.

Starting with Changquan (literally long-fist form), Chen began studying Taichi boxing (Taijiquan) and Taichi sword (Taijijian) at age 12. “Changquan emphasizes speed and power and is thus suitable for people with great agility.” After encountering Taichi, Chen, as a rather introverted person, found that Taichi fits him better with its convergence of both form and spirit.

When speaking about the difference between Changquan and Taichi, “Different from Changquan, Taichi asks for patience, concentration, regulation of energy flow, and body development. It needs to regulate energy flow to enter a state of pure mind while practicing,” said Chen. After incessant practice, Chen won a silver medal in Taichi in the men’s Taolu – Taijiquan & Taijijian event for Chinese martial arts in the Taipei 2017 Universiade with his extraordinary skills.

Yu wei Chen ASRock Taichi PR 2

The First Principle

Walking out of the studio, Chen further combined the Taichi spirit in his daily life. As a gamer, he plays the League of Legends (LOL) for entertainment and is familiar with games and PC components. He chose the Taichi series motherboards from ASRock for its perfection that stands for “The First Principle”- the idea that Taichi is the foundation of everything in the world. In addition, ASRock has fused the Taichi totem with the overall appearance design of the series to distinguish the Taichi spirit and symbolize the balance between performance and stability.

“Our motherboard R&D team persistently focuses on product design based on user experience. Using Taichi concepts, we hope to present a motherboard series that simultaneously emphasizes both performance and stability,” said Chris Lee, Global Marketing Associate Vice President, ASRock. “We are honored to team up with Taichi silver medalist Yu-wei Chen of the Taipei 2017 Universiade to demonstrate the essence of Taichi on our motherboards. This enables ASRock to constantly supply the most competitive and most reliable motherboards on the market.”

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