ASRock at COMPUTEX 2016 features a lot of things, and by a lot of things, we mean tons of motherboards displayed together with IoT devices, mini PCs, VR experience, and cool modified rigs.

At their suite inside Nangang Hall, ASRock actually has a wall full of boards categorized and fully arranged according to the series and chipsets. That includes their Extreme Series, FATAL1TY Gaming Series, the latest Hyper Series boards, and even the little ASRock B150M-P1O with top mounted PCI-E slot. That board is going places – most probably at the back of any AIO displays.

ASROCK COMPUTEX 2016 Taichi Board (5)

ASRock showcased the X99E-ITX/AC board, featuring the Intel X99 chipset under the ITX form factor. This has been out in the market for quite a while, but it still is one of the boards I like due to its support for the Socket 2011 CPUs.

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The ASRock X99 Taichi is one of the latest ASRock motherboards thus far. It literally means Ultimate and Supreme. The company told us that the X99 Taichi is their all rounder X99 board, with a clean layout, and mod inspiring White accents. AS far as performance and features are concerned, the board tops a 12-phase power design, 3 full size PCI-E slots with steel reinforcements, Dual M.2  slots, Dual Intel Gigabit LAN, 802.11AC WiFi, and support for the latest Intel CPUs for the 2011-3 socket. The price? 219 USD, or around 10, 000 PHP.


Another latest board from ASRock is the FATAL1TY X99 Professional Gaming i7 motherboard. It’s basically a souped up version of the X99 Taichi with extra bells and whistles for gaming. That includes an X-Split License Bundle, Key Master + FATAL1TY Mouse Port, a CREATIVE chipset for the audio, and an aggressive yet elegant styling. This board is going places at 259 USD or 12, 000 PHP.

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ASRock also includes their DeskMini and Beebox Mini PCs at the show, featuring performance in a small form factor. The Beebox for an instance, packs either an Intel J3160 Quad Core, or an Intel Core i5-6200U CPU within an Intel NUC standard size at around 0.6 liters. It also packs a remote, USB 3.1 Type-C support, together with a capability to  be mounted behind a display.

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The ASRock X10 IoT router is… a router for IoT devices. Basically, if you have an IoT device that supports Zigbee and LoRa, then this router will automatically hook them up in the network without much hassle. That includes various light bulbs, motion sensors, Flood Sensors, and even outlets. The thing can even track down anything within a wide radius of 1-3 km utilizing the LT10 tracker. The router is powered by a  quad core Qualcomm CPU, with a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band.

ASROCK COMPUTEX 2016 Taichi Board (3)


ASRock had a lot of things at their both, and that includes modified PCs – with of course, ASRock motherboards. An ASRock M8 system also powers up their VR booth inside, enabling show goers to experience VR for the very first time. For more information about ASRock’s suite at COMPUTEX 2016, visit their homepage on this LINK.

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