ASUS has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship through a three-phased partnership with the nonprofit organization, Communities Organized for Resource Allocation (CORA).

This collaboration focused on reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices in the Philippines. The initiative, known as the ASUS x CORA sustainability campaign, achieved remarkable results, collecting a total of 1.67 tons of plastic and other recyclable waste. The project involved ASUS employees, partners, dealers, and the public, emphasizing the importance of a circular economy and climate action.

ASUS Philippines Country Manager George Su expressed gratitude to all participants, emphasizing the strong connection between innovation and sustainability in ASUS’s approach. This commitment to sustainability is not new for ASUS, as they have a history of environmentally conscious product development. In 2007, they launched the ASUS Bamboo Series, a sustainable notebook that received recognition for its eco-friendly design. Recently, ASUS introduced the Zenbook S 13 OLED, a product aligning with the company’s 2025 Sustainability Goals. The Zenbook S 13 OLED is an EPEAT Gold registered product, signifying its positive environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

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The ASUS x CORA sustainability campaign initiated with a knowledge-sharing activity called “ASUStainable Solution: Circular Economy Starts with Us.” During this event, ASUS employees learned about the plastic pollution crisis and were educated on how to contribute to a circular economy by recycling common household items, such as plastic bottles. This knowledge was intended to inspire employees to share what they learned with family and friends. Following this seminar, ASUS employees embarked on a two-month recycling activity, collecting various types of waste, including plastic bottles, soft plastics, sibak, colored paper, and cartons. The collected waste, totaling 840.6 kg, was processed by CORA’s partner, Sentinel Upcycling Technologies, to create high-quality products like benches, school chairs, and mobile trash bins.

In line with ASUS’s dedication to sustainability, the company also donated two ASUS Zenbook laptops to CORA to support their administrative tasks, such as data management for the Eco-Ikot Center in Parañaque City.

The CORA Eco-Ikot Center is a groundbreaking recycling system that allows communities to exchange recyclables for points that can be redeemed for various incentives. The ASUS x CORA campaign continued with the installation of CORA Eco-Ikot Center pop-ups in three ASUS Exclusive Stores. Shoppers were encouraged to recycle plastic bottles in exchange for ASUS and CORA merchandise, while being educated about the principles of a circular economy and the benefits of recycling. This phase successfully collected over 1,100 plastic bottles (28.5 kg) and emphasized the importance of supporting eco-friendly products like the Zenbook S 13 OLED.

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The final phase of the campaign involved celebrating the 2023 International Coastal Cleanup Day at the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park (LPPWP). Volunteers, including ASUS employees, media personnel, influencers, partners, and dealers, joined Zenbook S 13 OLED Ambassador and CORA Founder Antoinette Taus in cleaning up the shores. A total of 646.2 kg of plastic waste, Styrofoam, rubber materials, and stuffed toys were collected and segregated for recycling. The event aimed to address the severe waste issue in Manila Bay, a part of the Manila Bay coast that reportedly carries an estimated 9.46 billion pieces of plastic waste.

The ASUS x CORA campaign represents a significant step in ASUS’s sustainability journey. The company’s commitment to eco-friendly products and environmental responsibility is evident in its recent achievements, including exceeding ENERGY STAR standards by 34% and having eco-friendly products contribute to 87% of total product revenue. ASUS has received multiple sustainability awards, and it continues to work toward its goal of becoming a net-zero enterprise by 2050.

In summary, ASUS’s partnership with CORA has highlighted the company’s dedication to sustainability and reducing plastic waste. The three-phased campaign engaged employees, partners, and the public in recycling efforts and raising awareness about the circular economy and climate action. ASUS’s history of sustainable product development and its recent initiatives demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship and a more sustainable future.

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