ASUS is winning at IFA 2015 – by the looks of it. And when I mean by the looks of it, it’s because of the things we’ve seen so far from the company, be it a smartphone, a router, and something for us PC folks to drool over. Seriously, no other company has come close to what ASUS just did at IFA especially when it comes to PC gaming. Starting off our list of ASUS’ streak at IFA 2015 is the GX700 gaming notebook with an external liquid-cooler.

The main unit is powered by an overclockable 6th generation Intel CPU, while the graphics is provided by Nvidia. It is safe to assume that both are overclockable SKUs, since they could be overclocked via the external cooler. Speaking, the cooler acts as a dock, where you could slap and lock in place the GX700’s main unit – possibly also doubling up as a charging station, and will provide extra juice for additional performance. ASUS suggested an 80% boost in performance when the dock is used. The 17 inch laptop will also feature 4K UHD resolution. *PPI intensifies*

ASUS ROG IFA 2015 (3)

Apart from the GX700, ASUS also revealed another 4K capable gaming notebook, the G752 which is  also based on the 6th generation Intel CPUs and Nvidia’s GeForce graphics. The GTX 980M powers this notebook’s gaming capabilities, while an Intel Core i7-6700HQ is responsible for the general performance. There will be 3 variants (2 with non 4K UHD capable panels), but the top end G752 will feature a 4K IPS panel display. All variants will feature a Lamborghini-esque styling with matching colors similar to the GX700.

ASUS ROG IFA 2015 (2)

Next up would be the ROG G20 Special Edition Desktop featuring the new color scheme implemented by ASUS. It still features the same outer body, but with a better, 4K compliant graphics card in the form of the GTX Titan X. It will also feature a 6th generation Intel CPU.

ASUS ROG IFA 2015 Pictures (2)

Call it overkill by the design, but I surely love the ROG Swift’s PG348Q. It is a 34-inch gaming display with a curved 3440 x 1440 resolution IPS panel (21:9) with a built-in NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and a 100Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gaming experience. The ROG Swift PG348Q has a frameless curved panel which complements the out of this world design of the frame. Even the base looks something space-age – like a damn outer-space drill or spaceship reactor thingy. It also lights up with an ROG logo to boot. Smexy.

ASUS ROG IFA 2015 (6)

The “Plasma Copper” is actually the term coined by ASUS as the name of the color scheme of most ROG gears that has revealed thus far at IFA 2015, and another one with the same scheme is based on the Intel Z170 Express chipset, the ROG Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly. The board features several exclusive technologies to maximize the overclocking potential of Intel’s 6th-generation processors and DDR4 memory. Apart from the  SupremeFX Hi-Fi Amp, ROG 10Gb/s Ethernet card, and the color scheme, we can’t see other differences if compared to the normal Maximus VIII Extreme.
ASUS ROG IFA 2015 Pictures (5)

Matching up with the board is the ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 980Ti Platinum gaming graphics card featuring the DirectCU cooler with 10mm heat pipes. ASUS claims 25% better cooler performance and three-times less noise than reference cards via the patented Wing-blade fan technology. It looks cool, certainly expensive, and is aimed at hardcore gamers and extreme overclockers.

ASUS ROG IFA 2015 Pictures (3)

To learn more about ASUS’ products at IFA 2015, check out this link for more details.

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