Want to feel like James Bond? Look no further than Baccarat – one of our favourite card games, now accessible in all big crypto casinos.

You can play a bunch of different editions of the game – Baccarat Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque, all of which have pretty different rules but are based on the same principle.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain lovers will find Baccarat is generally limited to Baccarat and Punto Banco.

How to play Baccarat

Learning how to play the Baccarat game is pretty simple, unlike some other table games; the Baccarat table layout is easy to understand and become familiar with.

Baccarat is generally played in a separate area of the casino. There are 3 casino dealers and as many as 12 or 14 players. As the 3 layout positions on the board would indicate, there are only 3 types of bets accessible to players of the game and they are: player, banker, and tie. On each side of the table, there are 7 numbered positions, 1-7 and 8-15 with 3 betting areas linked with each number.

Three dealers work the table; you will note 2 sealers in positions (1 &2) and a croupier (caller) in position (3) who is placed at the opposite end of the table. The 2 dealers are liable for taking players’ bets at their end and the caller directs the play of the game and is liable for calling the hands.


There are different techniques when playing Baccarat. Some of the more general ones include:

Follow the shoe

Following the show is a familiar technique among gamblers in general. It is just betting on the hand that has won previously. The idea is to catch a hot hand when it strikes. Winning generally happens in streaks, and there is a distinct chance of capitalizing on a winning hand.

Know the odds

When playing bitcoin Baccarat, a player can bet on 3 outcomes. Each possible outcome has odds that a player can wager on. The house/banker generally has an excellent chance of winning but a low house edge. A player can plan to wager based on these odds and come up with a winning formula.

1-3-2-6 Winning Strategy

This technique resembles the top-case strategy in terms of building up. At all times, the user does not risk any more than two units. This means that you progressively wager 1, 3 and 2 units on the first 3 rounds. For the fourth hand, wager 6 units. This 4th round is a deal-breaker that can see the player win twelve units and have a net profit of ten units.

beginners guide bitcoin baccarat gp

Tips for beginners

  • If you keep these tips in mind, you will be off to fly begin with Baccarat:
  • Ensure to play at a safe casino or DAAP
  • Play for fun
  • Don’t play under the influence of anything
  • Try out the game with an extra bonus
  • Learn the rules before betting real money
  • Keep it civil at all times
  • Look at the outcomes of the last game before making a decision
  • Try not to bet on a tie in the starting as this is not a common outcome
  • Learn from other player’s methods

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