Modern gamers have access to lots of entertainment formats. The opportunity to use different devices allows players to make their experience more convenient.

Modern online platforms such as 2WinPower let users launch the most popular applications on any operating system.

Let us consider which devices are most in-demand among players in Japan and around the world.

The Most Popular Online Gaming Formats

The first online entertainment projects appeared in the early 90s. Their functionality was very far from the capabilities of modern gaming resources. However, the earliest virtual clubs made a strong impression on clients.

Today, the online format is spread all over the world. It is available even to residents of small settlements in remote areas of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

According to current research, most users prefer the classic format of online gaming — the use of PCs and laptops. Nonetheless, the demand for mobile games has almost reached the same level over the past few years.

Consider the popularity of mobile gaming in different regions of the world:

  1. Oceania — 49.2% of the market.
  2. Africa — 47.9%.
  3. Europe — 42.4%.
  4. Asia — 40.8%.
  5. The USA — 27.3%.

The modern rhythm of life motivates many users to switch to a mobile format. It allows them to access entertainment anywhere and anytime. The technical capabilities of advanced mobile devices let players enjoy the excitement to the full.

What Devices do Japanese Gamers Prefer?

Asian countries have always been leaders in digital technology. Japanese developers are constantly improving various gadgets, making the lives of millions of people around the world more comfortable and easier. Many users are familiar with such legendary manufacturers as Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, and others.

The high level of high technology development contributes to the popularisation of Internet entertainment. The Japanese are big fans of various online games, including real money options.

Despite the rather conservative views of the country’s citizens, many people prefer mobile or browser-based applications instead of the usual halls with pachinko machines.

Software producers targeting this market are doing their best to satisfy the local audience. Major manufacturers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and others regularly release Japanese-inspired games, for example:

  • King of 3 Kingdoms;
  • Koi Princess;
  • Long Pao;
  • Dragon Pearls.

Residents of Japan like to have fun in front of their computers’ monitors. This is one of their favourite leisure activities. At the same time, the Japanese are famous all over the world as very hard-working people. They spend most of their time at offices. Therefore, the mobile format is a great way to relax for most citizens.

The Prospects for Mobile Gaming

The lucrativeness of the online sector is constantly growing. This is especially true for the mobile segment.

The specialists calculated the percentage of profit growth in this area over the past 5 years:

  • 2017 — $56 billion;
  • 2018 — $70 billion;
  • 2019 — $82 billion;
  • 2020 — $95 billion;
  • 2022 — $106 billion.

The average growth rate of the mobile sector’s profitability is about 17% per year. According to experts’ forecasts, this figure will continue to increase in the coming years.

Which Gadgets Should Operators Focus on?

The fast growth in the popularity of mobile apps is motivating entrepreneurs to pay more attention to entertainment for smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, this does not mean that operators should neglect the audience that prefers PCs and laptops. Most players continue to use such devices more frequently.

The ideal solution in modern conditions is the launch of cross-platform projects. Such gaming systems work equally well on any hardware. The quality and size of images adapt to the characteristics of different screens. The functionality in mobile and PC versions is almost identical.

To ensure the stable profitability of businesses, we recommend operators to provide a wide choice of options for players. The presence of a browser version and a downloadable application will allow each user to choose the optimal game format independently.

The Main Things about the Relevant Devices for Gaming Activities

The latest research proves that gamers use PCs and phones almost equally often. The demand for mobile technologies is constantly growing. However, a fairly large number of people in Japan and around the world continue to spend quite a lot of time in front of their computers.

Here are the main things you should know about the relevant gaming formats:

  • the profitability of the mobile area is growing by approximately 17% every year;
  • cross-platform solutions allow entrepreneurs to cover the widest possible audience;
  • about 40% of Asian customers use smartphones and tablets;
  • mobile technologies have made web gaming available in the most remote corners of the planet.

Good awareness of your customers’ needs will allow you to earn decent sums. Offer your audience a decent choice. Let them select the gaming formats they want. Cross-platform tools that can easily adapt to any device and operating system are the best solution for a modern operator.

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