BIOSTAR probably had the most sensible or business oriented suite at COMPUTEX 2023. I am speaking about the majority of their product line-up, along with the booth’s narrow yet tour friendly design.

Setting an Internal Standard

Now BIOSTAR sectioned their products in three major categories according to their performance and features within the line-up. These three categories are the ACT, PACT and HPACT. The HPACT stands for High Performance, Ability, Capacity, Time and the rest follows. That means ACT is the base tier, PACT is the middle tier and HPACT is the top most tier of them all.

There were too many and I mean too many motherboards at BIOSTAR so I picked a few favorites to show. Spoiler alert: all of them were B760 chipset based motherboards.


First up in the list is the B760NH-E motherboard within the ACT line. This is a Mini-ITX motherboard based on the B760 chipset with a 9-phase VRM. Pretty basic really but if a basic Mini-ITX motherboard is what you need then this is it.

BIOSTAR Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 10


The BIOSTAR B760MZ-E PRO is a Micro-ATX motherboard under the PACT line-up. It features the same B760 yes, but it comes with a bit better power design over the Mini-ITX ACT model. With a larger real-estate to play with, the B760MZ-E PRO also comes with more DIMM slots, support for two M.2 devices and PCIe slots.

BIOSTAR Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 4


Going to the HPACT now we have the B760T-SILVER Mini-ITX motherboard. In contrast to the ACT variant, this model comes with a slightly better cooling solution and connectivity options versus the ACT motherboard of the same form factor.

BIOSTAR Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 2


Now we have the B760M-SILVER which is yet another Micro-ATX motherboard with the same chipset as the PACT motherboard but with more power phases and connectivity options. It even has better passive cooling solutions over the previous models.

BIOSTAR Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 1

Sensible Designs

Now with various vendors flaunting their refreshed motherboards with intricate tool-free M.2 slot designs, BIOSTAR came up with a simple solution which is a push-fit mechanism.

BIOSTAR Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 3

I get why other brands has what seems to be over-kill designs (shown on flagship models) but nothing really beats simplicity.


BIOSTAR spared their gaming line from the self-imposed standards and I get the reason why. These are their flagship products meant not to limit themselves. Pictured below are the VALKYRIE series of motherboards for both the Intel (Z790) and AMD (X670E) platforms.

BIOSTAR Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 9

Both models comes with at least 20 power phases and has way better passive cooling solutions over the other motherboards shown – for both the VRM and M.2 slots. Funny enough, they do not have a built-in Wi-Fi so you will have to source one for WAN connectivity. Like all the BIOSTAR motherboards shown here, they do come with antennas ready to be connected on a wireless module of your choice.

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