BIOSTAR, a leading brand of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices, today showcases the 3D version of their RACING series mascot, Amy.

To celebrate the growing popularity and success of BIOSTAR’s RACING series best-seller, the B550 motherboard, the marketing team at BIOSTAR HQ has decided to reward their loyal fans with a cute 3D version of Amy, their energetic racing series mascot.

Fans can expect cool new content Amy’s 3D model, as BIOSTAR has planned to use her in a lot of material including animated videos and live streams. Additionally, BIOSTAR also plans to launch Amy’s collectable action figure, and urge the fans to stay tuned in for more info.

Due to the current wave of AMD CPU updates, BIOSTAR’s B550 series motherboards have become a popular choice among gamers and content creators. BIOSTAR proudly celebrates its cohesive partnership with AMD and the powerful synergy between AMD processors and BIOSTAR motherboards with the release of Amy’s 3D avatar with many more fun events planned for the future.

Furthermore, BIOSTAR is planning to  publish a video directed at showcasing the prowess of the B550 chipset and the outstanding features of AMD 5000 series processors, and some hidden insight into BIOSTAR’s preparation for the new AMD AM5 next-gen chipsets. This video dubbed Amy’s live stream will be published on BIOSTAR social media soon for their fans to view.

BIOSTAR also hopes to showcase more information about future developments of their SILVER series motherboards. The SILVER series motherboards carry the DNA of BIOSTAR’s popular RACING series motherboards. BIOSTAR is happy to announce that they plan to style the future SILVER series motherboards with more prominent RACING style aesthetics that represent their cute new 3D Amy mascot more vividly, carrying forward the silver series into the future.

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